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The Blue Hills Trail was established in 1987 by a group of local x-country skiers.  The organization reincorporated as the Blue Hills Trail Association (BHTA) in the fall of 2006 to reflect the increasingly regional nature of the operation and to facilitate the attainment of 501c3 status.


The group remains dependent on annual membership dues, donations, and the cooperation of the Rusk County Forestry Department for its continued existence.  New members, suggestions and financial support are all greatly appreciated.  Thanks to all the individuals and businesses that support the Blue Hills Trail System year round.






Trail Conditions

Friday, February 12, 2016 - evening:

Wicked wind chills, no first hand reports today. We're planning light grooming of the core loop skate lane tomorrow morning (Saturday) as the winds diminish.


Excellent conditions prior to today.

Great skate deck. Wide smooth and firm. More traffic on the Eastside core loop; side trails and Westside less heavily traveled. If you picked the right wax for Thursday's cold squeaky snow, you were pretty fast.


Classic track is set throughout the 35 km system, and ranges from good to very good to excellent. The track is fast not glazed, provides a solid kick, pole plants are mostly firm.


Grooming Update

We're planning light grooming of the core loop skate lane tomorrow morning (Saturday) as the winds diminish.


Most recent grooming was Wednesday, February 10.


Feb. 10: groomed Westside; groomed much of Eastside core loop, and a few side trails.

Feb. 9: extensive grooming of Eastside trails (worked on the skate lane and added lots of fresh classic track)

Feb. 8: the Westside trails and the Eastside core loop received thorough grooming of the skate lane and placement of fresh classic track.


Be sure to refer to "TRAIL CONDITIONS" (the tab to your left) for more info.


Latest snowfall


February 7-8: 2"-3" fluffy snow

Annual totals - click here.