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The Blue Hills Trail was established in 1987 by a group of local x-country skiers. The organization reincorporated as the Blue Hills Trail Association (BHTA) in the fall of 2006 to reflect the increasingly regional nature of the operation and to facilitate the attainment of 501c3 status.


The group remains dependent on annual membership dues, donations, and the cooperation of the Rusk County Forestry Department for its continued existence. New members, suggestions and financial support are all greatly appreciated. Thanks to all the individuals and businesses that support the Blue Hills Trail System year round.






Trail Conditions

Thursday, April 27, 2017:

Wetter spring weather is here. Prior to recent rains, hiking was fairly enjoyable with the surface varying between firm grassy trails, soft damp grass, and muddy areas.

To avoid the muddiest conditions: on the Westside avoid D-E-D where loggers worked last fall; on the Eastside stay relatively close to the warming house and avoid the ridge line where extensive logging occurred last year.


If interested in hiking the well marked snowshoe trails that start at the warming house, expect to cross some damp areas. Click here for a map showing the layout of the snowshoe trails.

Grooming Update

Most recent grooming was...

Sunday (February 19)


Latest snowfall

April 27: flurries

Annual totals - click here.