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The Blue Hills Trail was established in 1987 by a group of local x-country skiers.  The organization reincorporated as the Blue Hills Trail Association (BHTA) in the fall of 2006 to reflect the increasingly regional nature of the operation and to facilitate the attainment of 501c3 status.


The group remains dependent on annual membership dues, donations, and the cooperation of the Rusk County Forestry Department for its continued existence.  New members, suggestions and financial support are all greatly appreciated.  Thanks to all the individuals and businesses that support the Blue Hills Trail System year round.






Trail Conditions

Friday, July 24:
Grasses are short on the trails mowed the past several weeks (see mowing update for details). Despite the wet summer - and with exception of the distant Eastside trails where frequent muddy areas persist - most of the trails are firm enough to offer good hiking. Mountain biking is best on the drier Westside trails. Bug activity is surprisingly limited - only small numbers of mosquitoes and ticks. Deer flies are somewhat bothersome, but can be put off by wearing a hat.

On the unmowed trails, grasses range from 1-5 feet high. Hiking and biking the unmowed trails isn't this writer's idea of a good time.

Mowing Update

July 24
In late June, we began our summertime mowing of the Eastside trails, beginning at the warming house and moving outward. The Westside trails were mowed the middle of July.

Follow this link for a map showing mowing results on the Eastside trails. 
Big warm-up began March 7, last grooming of the ski trails was March 11, 2015.


April 21: blustery day, frequent snow showers, no accumulation

Annual totals - click here.