The Blue Hills Trail
Excerpts from the log book in the warming house...

date comments and author's site of origin
12/31/10 Last ski of 2010.  Great glide on the uphills.  Scary fast on the downhills.  Recommend scrubbing speed early on the steep descents. --Bruce, WI
12/29/10 Spotted a Birkie Viking "practicing" today.  Had fun! --Eau Claire, WI
Torstein the Viking Warrior was here! & so was his shield bearer. --Ladysmith, WI
Very nice! --Denver, CO
12/28/10 Visiting from Colorado. --Denver, CO
Picture perfect day - skiing with my daughter the shutterbug. --Ladysmith, WI
12/27/10 Came all the way from Italy, snowshoeing was so much fun! --Italy
First time skiing for these 2 girls.  Great grooming!  Thanks! --Pulaski, WI
12/26/10 Great conditions. --Rice Lake, WI
Fantastic trails!  Perfect conditions.  Just wish I could skate better so I could enjoy all of your trails! --Gurnee, IL
Great trails!  We had lots of fun! --St. Paul, MN
A lovely little ski the day after Christmas with the family.  Thanks for the usual lovely groomed trails! --Missoula, MT
Beautiful, QUIET day in the outdoors :)    Good trails! --Portland, OR
12/25/10 Great grooming!!  Wow - the Birkie isn't a bit better! --author's location unknown
Great ski. --Bruce, WI
12/24/10 Merry Christmas you have great trails.  I hope we come back. --Rice Lake, WI
12/23/10 Classic skied the back loop.  It was very quiet, I saw no one on the trails. --Ladysmith, WI
Wonderful ski!  Loved the warming house afterwards as well as the sweets & treats!  Hope to come back soon. --author's location unknown
12/20/10 Just another day in paradise.  What a gift these trails are to mind, body & soul. --Ladysmith, WI
First night ski of the year.  A real struggle in the fresh snow.  But a great work out. --Bruce, WI
12/19/10 "The jewel in the Hills" - thanks to all. --Rice Lake, WI
Great day skiing. --Lublin, WI
Perfect day - couldn't ask for better conditions. --Hugo, MN
First time out on skis this year.  Excellent white magic carpet ride. --Hillsdale, WI
12/18/10 Great track skiing!! --Weyerhaeuser, WI
Kudos to the groomers!!  Awesome skiing!! --Alma Center, WI
Primo skiing! --Ladysmith, WI
12/16/10 Great job grooming today.  Fantastic ski. --Ladysmith, WI
12/14/10 Skiing today was great!  Thanks groomers for tackling 20 inches of snow! --Ladysmith, WI
12 degrees F - sunny blue sky - no wind - perfect 1st time of the year - awesome start to the season --Ladysmith, WI
12/10/10 Very good conditions in most areas - keep a lookout for rocks in hiding.  Many thanks to our groomers. --Ladysmith, WI
Kudos to the groomers for their work today, particularly on the westside. --Ladysmith, WI
12/9/10 Had good workout skiing on both the east & west sides as the snow came down. --Ladysmith, WI
12/8/10 Good skiing considering the little snow we have on the ground. --Ladysmith, WI
20 degrees F & sunny.  Lovely day.  Still a little tricky maneuvering around dirt, rocks & ruts, but up on top it was fun! --Ladysmith, WI
12/3/10 Rolling the trails yesterday, for the 1st time this season, provided good early season skating.  There's not a lot of snow so look out for rocks & rough spots. --Ladysmith, WI
Fun ski today tho not for the faint of heart.  Can't wait for more snow! --Ladysmith, WI
12/1/10 Had a great time in the snow.  Friends from out of town say a memory never to forget, many captured.  We love the nature, & beautiful warming house.  Thank you! --author's location unknown
11/14/10 1st snowfall - & 1st skiing - of the season!  4" heavy wet snow.  Beautiful solitude - though slow traveling on waxless skis. --Ladysmith, WI
11/11/10 Cleared 48 downed trees from the Westside.  Several big ones still there will need chainsaw work.  Gorgeous day!  Now it can snow. --Ladysmith, WI
10/22/10 Out for family day in woods!!!  Love the Hills this time of year!!! --author's location unknown
10/18/10 Bruce Cross Country ran the trails! --Bruce, WI
10/14/10 Beautiful day! --Eau Claire, WI
10/10/10 Troop 29 on a 10 mile hike! --author's location unknown
Awesome! --Alaska
10/9/10 Thank you very much -- beautiful!! --author's location unknown
10/5/10 Beautiful spot & lovely cabin!  Great job Blue Hills Trail Association. --Jones Co., IA
Back again - this place lures us back every fall.  Keep up the good work. --Stone City, IA
10/3/10 Beautiful! --Bloomington, MN
10/2/10 Rice Lake High School Conservation Club here to help clean up trails. --Rice Lake, WI
Exchange students enjoying the trails.  Nice colors! --Germany, Luxembourg, & Bruce, WI
9/26/10 Nearby cabin owner & artist exploring & taking pictures to paint later.  Just love this cabin.  Thanks! --author's location unknown
Stopped for lunch.  Beautiful spot.  We'll be back again! --Chetek, WI
8/19/10 Slim pickin' for blackberries but nice to be on the trails.  Great job mowing! --Ladysmith, WI
8/15/10 Starting to cool down a little.  Trails were nice & the wind blew the bugs away!!! --Ladysmith, WI
8/3/10 Gorgeous trails; tons of mud holes! --Cumberland, WI
7/31/10 Hot & buggy but we're dipped in DEET & lovin' it! --author's location unknown
Had a day off today and chanced across this cabin while looking for a good stargazing spot.  Extremely nice refuge from the bugs!  80 degrees F & sunny! --Louisville, KY
7/22/10 Even on a rainy day it's a beautiful walk.  No wildlife except for my love. --Stillwater, MN
7/15/10 Visiting from MN - just outstanding!  I will be back. --Eden Prairie, MN
7/12/10 Great morning hike, saw my first bear in the wild.  Bugs not bad 'til 8:30 a.m. --Creve Coeur, IL
Rode bike on the WestSide.  Rode almost all of it.  Some trees down.  No water at the bottom of the hill on the way to letter K.  Nice ride. --Ladysmith, WI
6/18/10 Absolutely breath taking!  Stopped to check out log cabin.  Love it! --author's location unknown
6/13/10 Riding around on bikes.  Looks great out here.  Nice warming shack. --author's location unknown
5/29/10 We're back!  Sunny & warm.  Canoed, fished, picnic, & 1st game of whitetail monopoly. --author's location unknown
5/27/10 Too many ticks & mosquitoes.  Didn't make it far before heading back.  Too bad because it's beautiful out here! --author's location unknown
5/5/10 Biking - still a little wet in places, but still a good time. --Chetek, WI
4/25/10 Hiked - saw our 1st trilliums & trout lillies - gorgeous!  Lots of flying gnats & mosquitoes & TONS of ticks - yuk! --author's location unknown
4/23/10 Went for hike.  No mosquitoes!  Lots & lots of wild flowers.  Plenty of ticks :-(   --Ladysmith, WI
3/15/10 I skied (mostly) from 1-21-29, then back.  A trip made possible only by the freezing overnight temperatures which firmed the snow.  I do not recommend it, but if you absolutely have to have that last snow "fix" of the season, go very early (& soon). --Ladysmith, WI
3/7/10 The cruelest PEEP of all is on the turn between 30-7 where I almost lost it. --St. Paul, MN
Fast fun skating.  Silence of the North - disturbed only by the springtails hopping. --Ladysmith, WI
Pity the skiers who hang up their skis post Birkie.  Fantastic today 9-10:30. --Ladysmith, WI
3/6/10 It's Saturday morning, I started skiing at 6:40 a.m.  The trail was incredibly hard, fast but smooth.  Thanks for grooming on Friday evening! --Sarona, WI
Considering the tricky freeze-thaw cycles we are having now, you did a wonderful job with the touch up grooming!  Way too much fun! --Ladysmith, WI
GREAT skiing this late in the season - we truly appreciate the grooming! Burnsville, MN
Every party needs a peeper. --Chetek, WI
3/5/10 Best day this week - FAST & FURIOUS!  What's that I hear?  A window closing? --St. Paul, MN
Great skiing. --Minneapolis, MN
Great skiing, fast. --Minneapolis, MN
3/4/10 Great Spring skating - 35 degrees F, deep blue sky, & good friends :)   Thanks for grooming last night! --Ladysmith, WI
Great job groomer(s).  Called it just right by grooming last evening.  The sun beamed its message loud & clear for us to drag our carcasses off the trail by 11:30. --Ladysmith, WI
3/2/10 We caught the "window."  Spring skiing at its best!  Too fun! --Ladysmith, WI
Best ski ever!  Sooo fast! --Ladysmith, WI
3/1/10 We love these trails!!!  Thanks to all for the upkeep & grooming! --Birchwood, WI
2/28/10 Great skiing conditions for skate & classic on the WestSide.  Perfect "spring" skiing.  Thanks to everyone! --Apple Valley, MN
YEEHAWWW!  Freakin' fast today.  Thanks for the touch up grooming. --Ladysmith, WI
Perfect conditions.  Great grooming!  Happy birthday to my wife!! --Eau Claire, WI
Excellent grooming.  Thank you so much! --author's location unknown
2/27/10 Perfect conditions; blue sky, temps in the mid 20s.  It doesn't get any better.  This place is the best!  Way to go Blue Hills Trail Association! --St. Paul, MN
Outstanding grooming.  Way to go BHTA. --author's location unknown
Trails were very nice!  Well groomed!  Perfect weather 33 degrees F! :-)  Thanks groomers! --Elk River, MN
2/26/10 Goodbye wonderful snow & fabulous grooming.  Four days in a row of great skiing.  This was better than the Methow Valley (Washington State) this year.  Wish I could take this back to where it is the year of the El Nino winter (warm & wet with mostly rain instead of snow, even at 3000 feet!)  The lost winter in the Pacific NW.  'Til next year. --Sumner, WA
2/25/10 Beautiful trail & nicely groomed.  First time here but we'll be back :-)   --author's location unknown
2/23/10 Awesome snow & fantastic trails. --Sumner, WA
2/22/10 Lots of well groomed trails!! --Eagan, MN
2/21/10 Trails are fantastic!  BHTA is still one of the best! --Rice Lake, WI
Awesome.  Great trails & beautiful surroundings & wild life! --
author's location unknown
Fast & fun transformed snow with fresh cord.  Wonderful trails & weather. --Eau Claire, WI
2/20/10 Great ski!  Thanks groomers! --Bruce, WI
The absolute best snow of the year.  Even my skis were fast! --
Minnetonka, MN
Spectacular ski today.  Thanks for the grooming touch up!  Wonderful! --Ladysmith, WI
Fantastic!  Thanks for the cookies! --Eau Claire, WI
2/19/10 Primo conditions!  Fast!  Thanks groomers. --Ladysmith, WI
2/18/10 What a day again!  Love the Hills! --Ladysmith, WI
Happiness is fresh corduroy! --Bruce, WI
2/16/10 Beautifully groomed core loop. --Ladysmith, WI
Great Great Ski again today! --Ladysmith, WI
Great grooming job!  Thanks!  Perfect day for Birkie training. --Chippewa Falls, WI
Trails are like creamy butter!  Very nice. --Bruce, WI
2/14/10 Love the hemlocks! --author's location unknown
Perfect day.  We loved the "scary hills!"  :)    --author's location unknown
Thanks for the goodies. --New Auburn, WI
What a beautiful area with great trails.  Thanks for the Valentine's Day treats! --author's location unknown
2/13/10 I / we are so impressed / great trails!  This is a real "hidden treasure!"  Thanks! --author's location unknown
Thanks. --Minneapolis, MN
--Eau Claire, WI
--Ladysmith, WI
--Chippewa Falls, WI
--Stevens Point, WI
--Shell Lake, WI
Thanks groomers.  Chi town loves the Blue Hills. --Chicago, IL
--Rice Lake, WI
Beautiful! trails. --Mt. Horeb, WI
Great job!!!  Love the Blue Hills!!  We'll see ya next year!!  Another great weekend in the Blue Hills!  You guys are the best!! --Blue Island, IL
2/12/10 17 degrees F - sunny sky - trails are awesome - good winter - Birkie 2 weeks --Ladysmith, WI
Thanks - Rice lake & Chetek, WI
Clear sky, sun's out, trails are amazing. --Flambeau High School, WI
Excellent trails today!  Sunny & warm. --author's location unknown
Blue Hills rock!!  Worth the drive! --Chicago, IL
2/11/10 Another day in paradise! --Illinois
2/10/10 22 degrees F, bright, blue, sunny sky - everything groomed yesterday.  Trails are excellent - set up overnight very well.  Have a good ski. --Ladysmith, WI
What a peaceful day skiing!  Thanks groomers. --Ladysmith, WI
Groomers: you did a great job!  Nice wide skate lane; a classic track beyond compare.  It was a beautiful sunny day, 25 degrees F. --Ladysmith, WI
2/7/10 Creamy corduroy - fast, fun - groomers, you rock! --Ladysmith, WI
Fun!  Fun!  Fun!  I forgot how beautiful & serene the WestSide is.  Something so peaceful about that area. --Ladysmith, WI
Thanks for the great ski. --author's location unknown
Fun to ski together.  Great grooming as usual. --Hillsdale, WI
Quite possibly the best day of skiing ever!  Thanks for the company. --author's location unknown
Nice grooming!! --Bruce, WI
2/6/10 Wonderful trails, scenery & hospitality.  Your caramel corn rocks! --author's location unknown
2/5/10 1/2 inch wet snow overnight - cloudy, few flurries today.  Sticky snow but should groom & set track very nicely.  Saw 13 deer on the way in (on the road) & 3 on the trail. --Ladysmith, WI
New snow.  Slow go. --Prairie Farm, WI
2/4/10 Great skating at 23 degrees F - great grooming! --Ladysmith, WI
Great!  Great!  Great! --Minnesota
Trails are wonderful today! --Ladysmith, WI
2/3/10 O degrees F, bright, sunny, blue sky - no wind, sparkling snow - perfect.  Skied 2 hrs, trails are excellent!  Birkie here before you know it. --Ladysmith, WI
Gorgeous grooming!  Thanks to the groomers.  What a day!  The sun is getting stronger.  Enjoy it while it lasts. --Ladysmith, WI
Perfect sunny glorious day!  Thanks groomers! --Ladysmith, WI
Great!  Thanks. --Winnipeg, Manitoba
2/2/10 Thanks for the caramel corn! --author's location unknown
Great trails / grooming.  Thanks for the treats :) --author's location unknown
Excellent. --Stillwater, MN
2/1/10 Wunderbar - thanks for online update yesterday - made the decision to come out easy!  Groomer - you rock! --Chetek, WI
Great day for a ski!  Lots of nice trails to do today! --Ladysmith, WI
1/31/10 Fantastic, thanks for great grooming! --Eau Claire, WI
1/30/10 Wonderful ski - nice grooming - snow not too fast (cold) but great control.  Beautiful woods with lots of snow & brilliant sun. --Minnetonka, MN
Beautiful - expected groomed ice not smooth snow.  Great. --Eau Claire, WI
Back for the third day in a row (& last day).  Fabulous, beautiful, we'll be back. --France
1/29/10 10 degrees F, sunny.  Surprisingly fast.  Don't forget to duck for snow snakes. --Prairie Farm, WI
1/28/10 Hello from France!  Blue Hills is worth the trip! --France
1/27/10 All trails groomed - skied WestSide - some soft spots but should firm up today & tonight.  Nice winter. --Ladysmith, WI
Classic skied up to top where wind in tree tops & snow in trees reminded me of Doctor Zhivago movie. --Ladysmith, WI
1/26/10 Amazing grooming!  There is a special place in heaven for groomers who will spend all day on a snowmobile doing 8 mph to set track & make an awesome skate lane for us skiers!  Thank you groomers! --Ladysmith, WI
1/24/10 Great scenery, a little mushy but good resistance training! --author's location unknown
1/23/10 34 degrees F.  Foggy like you're in another world!  Really fun & fast!  Loved it! --author's location unknown
1/22/10 FAST skating on pellets of freezing rain from last night.  Not for the faint of heart! --Ladysmith, WI
What a great ride!  The faster the better. --Ladysmith, WI
1/21/10 21 degrees F cloudy - little windy - trails are good.  Fast & hard! --Ladysmith, WI
Nice trails, good grooming, good signage, nice day - can't ask for more. --Minneapolis, MN
1/20/10 Just when ya think it can't get any better, it does!  Thanks groomers! --Ladysmith, WI
Great grooming! - fast sugar snow consistency. --Ladysmith, WI
This touch-up grooming was the best!  Thanks! --Ladysmith, WI
1/19/10 27 degrees F - fast skating, pastel sunset.  :-) --Ladysmith, WI
1/18/10 It's a wonderful warm (33 degrees F) sunny day with deer sightings.  The skate & classic grooming was perfect for us. --Apple Valley, MN
My husband always celebrates MLK Day with a ski & I get to join him this year.  Perfect day! --Hillsdale, WI
1/17/10 Yabadabadoo!  What fun! --Ladysmith, WI
Nice!! --Rice Lake, WI
Madison is back for day two!  Thank you volunteers for being so thoughtful - making this a lovely experience! --Madison, WI
1/16/10 Absolutely fantastic ski this a.m.  As the sun melted the tree tops, clouds of hoar frost (frostfall!) surrounded us.  Once in a century kind of day! --Ladysmith, WI
Ditto!  Wonderful day. --Eau Claire / Chippewa Falls / Elk Mound - WI
Eight person crew from Madison - we love these Hills!  Big thanks to all the volunteers & groomers, your efforts make all the difference.
1/15/10 A great overcast day, 20+ degrees.  The trails were excellent & the frost covering the trees was beautiful.  This is a wonderful place.  Thanks groomers! --Apple Valley, MN
Wow!!!  Amazing skating conditions - takes my breath away. --Ladysmith, WI
Fabulous!  Great for both striding & skate.  Nice warming house! --Madison, WI
1/14/10 Thanks for grooming today - great, creamy corduroy - frosty wonderland with temps in low 20s. --Ladysmith, WI
Wonderful - snow & trail - Great place. --Trempealeau, WI
Awesome!!  First time!!  Will come back again. --Bangor, WI
This place is priceless!!!!  Will return! --Sparta, WI
Beautiful North Woods - beautiful trails - keep up the great work. --Sparta, WI
Wow!  Frosty trees & fast trails. --Ladysmith, WI
1/13/10 Fog in the hills on drive here - frost in the branches of trees - wolf tracks - Birkie getting closer! --Ladysmith, WI
A great day to be in the Blue Hills. --author's location unknown
Nice trails to help the body get back into skiing!  Saw 2 deer run in front of us - lots of wolf? tracks & poop. --author's location unknown
Skied East & West sides!  Gorgeous conditions - lots of tracks.  Deer & wolf?  Next week is back to school :( --Hillsdale, WI
Great fun!  Up from Milwaukee on business.  Yep, I saw the tail of the wolf - thought I was seeing things.  Trails are well marked by the wolves.  Thanks for the great time. --Milwaukee, WI
1/12/10 And I thought yesterday couldn't get any better!  Good animal tracks, esp. between 22-23 & 6-7. --Ladysmith, WI
1/11/10 Super fast.  Too FUN! --Ladysmith, WI
1/4-inch feather dusting -- great skating at 22 degrees F. --Ladysmith, WI
1/10/10 Love it!  Great trails today, as always. --Ladysmith, WI
Excellent conditions.  I've started classic again & the tracks were great. --Hillsdale, WI
1/9/10 Thanks for the terrific trails. --Minneapolis, MN
Wonderful place. --St. Paul, MN
Sweet cabin!  Excellent grooming.  Sky blue day.  What XC skiers live for! --author's location unknown
1/8/10 0 degrees F sunny.  Dusting of snow overnight & 2" new snow yesterday.  Sparkling snow on the ground, frost covered branches above - what's not to love?  Met groomers on the way out.  Thanks groomers! --Ladysmith, WI
What a perfect day!  Thanks groomers.  You're the best! --Ladysmith, WI
Perfect grooming!  Awesome tracks!  Hats off to the groomers! --Ladysmith, WI
1/7/10 What an awesome night ski!  Blazing fast skate deck.  The last two sunny days have left trails slightly glazed, but with good control. --Bruce, WI
1/6/10 0 degrees F, sunny blue sky.  Trails are hard packed & fast.  Question: why would you buy a treadmill, when you can buy skis & a BHTA membership? --Ladysmith, WI
1/5/10 Skiing Blue Hills Trails under bluebird blue sky.  Skiing is fantastic.  Lots of deer tracks. --author's location unknown
Great ski today.  Heat wave ~19 degrees F when we started. --Ladysmith, WI
1/4/10 It's a beautiful day & the trail was perfectly groomed.  We had a nice relaxing time. --Apple Valley, MN
Thanks for a great trail system. --author's location unknown
1/3/10 Great job grooming!!! --author's location unknown
1/1/2010 Awesome trails!! --author's location unknown
Fabulous day.  10 degrees F sunny.  Great groomed trails. --Rice Lake, WI
12/31/09 1" new, light fluffy snow.  Trails good - & fast.  Have a safe night & Good New Year! --Ladysmith, WI
Happy Holidays & Cheers to all.  We had a very nice ski.  Thanks so much for the grooming under very difficult conditions.  What a nice way for us to end this decade. --Apple Valley, MN
Great skiing, trails well groomed. --Eau Claire, WI
Skiing the Blue Hills.  Skiing under a Blue Moon New Year's Eve.  Happy New Year. --Hillsdale, WI
Happy New Year's Eve!  Amazing grooming!  Couldn't ask for better ski conditions. --Ladysmith, WI
12/29/09 5 degrees F clear sunny sky.  Trails are nice.  Groomers out today.  Happy New Year. --Ladysmith, WI
Awesome!  Terrific terrain & grooming.  Appreciate having warming house! --Plymouth, MN
Beee-AY-YOU-TEEful day for a ski!  Thank you for a great grooming job!  Glad to be back to visit. --Missoula, MT
12/28/09 Great to be out!  Thank you groomers! --Rice Lake, WI
12/23/09 1st ski season in 3 yrs.  It's great to be back. --Rice Lake, WI
1st day out since finals!  Not quite as much snow as Madison, but way more fun than dealing with the mobs & skiing circles on a 5k loop.  Great to be out!  Can't wait to get that big Xmas storm. --Prairie Farm, WI
1st day out, so much fun! --Bruce, WI
12/22/09 Trails are awesome.  Great job groomers! --Ladysmith, WI
12/20/09 Great ski day.  Good job grooming Dan! --Rice Lake, WI
Good skiing. --St. Paul, MN
12/17/09 First time out this year.  Thanks groomer - trails are good - not many bad spots at all.  Nice to be on skis again. --Ladysmith, WI
What a great area you have here.  I was here for work & a huge bonus was being able to borrow some skis & find this area.  If there's a next time, I'll try to bring my skate skis. --Rossland, BC, Canada (Blackjack Ski Club)
First night ski of the season.  Great conditions & not too crowded. --Bruce, WI
12/16/09 Came out to ski for the first time.  Beautiful set up, great trails, & discovered angels may have skis on instead of wings -- thanks to those local skiers that helped with teaching. --author's location unknown
Thanks to the groomers! --Ladysmith, WI
12/13/09 Two hours of great skiing thanks to the groomers & the lumber jacks (trail volunteers that cleared downed trees) that made this possible. --author's location unknown
12/11/09 Nice skiing on groomed trails for 1st time this season. --Ladysmith, WI
12/4/09 Here for wedding getaway, nice!  Good weather. --author's location unknown
12/2/09 Hiking with 1 English setter, 1 bichon.  Nice day - thanks. --author's location unknown
11/20/09 Up North for the big deer hunt.  I've hunted this area about 35 years & have loved it. --Chippewa Falls, WI
11/18/09 It's a beautiful, calm, clear, cool day.  Nice to see the warming house in good condition. --Ladysmith, WI
10/31/09 Great trails. --author's location unknown
10/28/09 Bruce Girls XC "Training for State"
10/17/09 Another beautiful hike in the Hills. --Barron, WI
10/11/09 Here for a beautiful fall color walk. --Eau Claire, WI
10/9/09 We are going biking this afternoon.  Planning to bike East & West Side Trails.  Should be TONS of fun.  The scenery is gorgeous.  We had a blast!!! --Ladysmith, WI
10/7/09 Bruce boys & girls cross country team came to run the ski trails!  Having some fun! --Bruce, WI
10/5/09 As we slipped our kayaks into the clear still water of Lake Audie my wife turned to me & said "I'm home."  Truly this area touches the soul. --Stone City, IA
10/3/09 Many thanks to the great group of volunteers that helped with today's work day - trails look fabulous. --BHTA
9/20/09 Thanks! --Chetek, Almena, Eau Claire, WI
9/19/09 A BEAUTEOUS Injun Summer Hike. --author's location unknown
9/14/09 Great day to walk.  68 degrees sunny.  Saw a bear.  No cubs so it was cool. --author's location unknown
9/7/09 Hiking - looking for berries - found some chokecherries & blueberries - Yum! --author's location unknown
9/5/09 Tim & Liss were here!! --Elk Mound, WI
9/2/09 Here to walk the dogs.  Saw some grouse, ate some blackberries. --New Auburn, WI
9/1/09 Rode West Side this evening.  Could hear wolf howl when I returned to my truck! --Ladysmith, WI
8/24/09 Sunny, 81 degrees F.  Beautiful day for young lovers... --Eau Claire, WI
8/12/09 Heaven!  Well kept secret! --Eau Claire & Chippewa Falls, WI
The trail was very buggy.  Beautiful trail. --Ogden, UT
7/16/09 Lots of frogs along the trail.  Great day for a hike. --Ladysmith, WI
Very good summer day to work on the trail.  Good to be back! --Ladysmith, WI
7/2/09 Cloudy, in the 60s.  Rode West Side after fresh mowing. --Ladysmith, WI
6/3/09 I biked a lot of the East Side.  Quite buggy. --Ladysmith, WI
5/29/09 Out with the family.  Nice day, bugs are out. --Blaine, MN
5/28/09 70 degrees F, sunny - perfect weather after 2 days of light rain & drizzle.  Still dry - rode almost all of the Westside. --Ladysmith, WI
5/12/09 60 degrees F - biked the Westside - first time of the year - good shape.  Nice ride! --Ladysmith, WI
Thanks. --Minneapolis, MN
5/3/09 Nice day 66 degrees F.  A little windy but mostly sunny.  We love the Hills!!! --Birchwood, WI
3/25/09 Wind, clouds, light drizzle, mixed with occasional snowflakes.  I rock skied out the gravel road - in all, some of the worst x-c skiing conditions I've ever experienced.  Why do this - if not to suffer, & complain afterward.  However, I am not complaining about the warming house; it is good to see it in fine condition. --Ladysmith, WI
3/15/09 Another FAST ski!  Thanks to our groomer for making today's ski possible.  UNBELIEVABLE! --Ladysmith, WI
Skied like Superman today - faster than a speeding bullet!  Whoopee! --Ladysmith WI
Last man standing. --Minnetonka, MN
3/14/09 Lycra HelX kind of day - thanks for grooming this late in the season! --Ladysmith, WI
What a great ski for being probably the last of the season.  Huge kudos to BHTA for making this the best year in memory.  The grooming this year was consistently superb!!  Thank you all very much. --Rice Lake, WI
Fun ski, day in the warmth.  Thanks for grooming. --Chetek, WI
3/13/09 Friday the 13th was our lucky day!  Your groomer called it right.  Best Spring skiing ever! --Ladysmith, WI
3/12/09 3 degrees F at midday.  10 degrees F when done skiing.  Blue, blue sky & sunny.  1" new snow on top of refrozen hard packed base.  Just perfect.  Thanks to everyone in BHTA who made this a GREAT ski season! --Ladysmith, WI
3/11/09 Fun skiing through the new snow - not too much to inhibit enjoyable skiing. --Ladysmith, WI
3/8/09 Fast & fun.  Thanks for another great year. --Rice Lake, WI
NICEY FAST. --author's location unknown
Exciting.  Too exciting. --author's location unknown
3/7/09 8-9:30 a.m. - Followed the groomers.  What a blast, freakin' fast!  If you aimed to please, you groomers shot the moon! --Ladysmith, WI
3/5/09 We skied the classic tracks on the Westside at 9:30 a.m.  It was firm & nice all the way around the lollipop.  This may be the last ski until it gets colder.  Thanks for all of the great grooming this season. --Apple Valley, MN
3/4/09 I skied the sun up & the clouds away.  Clear blue sky & 30 degrees F when I left at 10:15.  Skiing this FUN ought to be illegal. --Ladysmith, WI
3/3/09 What a day to be on skis!  About 25 degrees F, southerly breezes, great wax - spectacular!  The trail is the groomer's artist palette and today was his MASTERPIECE!  Thanks! --Ladysmith, WI
Ditto. --Rice Lake, WI
Ditto.  BTS. --Ladysmith, WI
Great trail.  Thanks groomer!!!  Hope to be back one more time this year. --Eau Claire, WI
3/2/09 Perfect! --Ladysmith, WI
Thanks again groomers!  You're the Best!  Great ski with new skis! --Ladysmith, WI
Trails are perfect - skied 'til dark - hopefully we can ski a few more weeks? --Ladysmith, WI
3/1/09 Thanks for the great grooming!!  Why does winter have to end? --Eau Claire, WI
Great job of grooming!  I luv this place! --author's location unknown
Great grooming.  Blue sky day. --Eau Claire, WI
Classic tracks were fabulous!  Thanks for the touch-up grooming. --Ladysmith, WI
Absolutely beautiful day! --author's location unknown
2/28/09 Skied the classic track - phenomenal job of grooming!!! --author's location unknown
Wonderful grooming - snow terrific. --Kansasville, WI
Enjoyed spending some good times on the trail with good friends... --Twin Cities, MN
This is the greatest! --Madison, WI
Thank you for the great grooming of 6-8" of snow!  Lots of people were smiling today! --Ladysmith, WI
2/27/09 Thanks groomers!  We got our workout! --Ladysmith, WI
2/24/09 Fresh corduroy everywhere.  Beautiful 25-30 degree day.  Thanks for the touch up grooming. --Ladysmith, WI
Great skiing!  Thanks for grooming.  Beautiful day. --Ladysmith, WI
2/23/09 Beautiful!  Thanks. --Ladysmith, WI
Great Grooming thanx. --author's location unknown
HelX Cold + sunshine + groomed trails = Excellent day to be on skis. --Ladysmith, WI
2/22/09 Thank you!!!  What a wonderful place & trail system! --author's location unknown
Mmm... caramel corn. :-) --author's location unknown
What a blast today!  Thanks groomers! --Ladysmith WI
Thank you!!!  Awesome trails, grooming & lots of friendly faces. :-) --author's location unknown
Post Birkie cool down - thanks for awesome trails & grooming. --Baraboo, WI
Post "1st Birkie" cooldown!  Great trails & fantastic grooming.  Big fun! --Minneapolis, MN
Nice to greet the Birkie skier of one whom I knew.  Sue rocks!  3:13 1st Birkie!  We love this place!  Beautiful day sunshine in the woods. --Minneapolis, MN
Well, my first ski at the most lovely place.  Best ski of the year thus far.  Your friends from Midwest Mountaineering. --Minneapolis, MN
Beautiful afternoon for laid back striding after yesterday's Birkie bustle. --Ladysmith, WI
2/20/09 Beautiful day. --Shell Lake, WI
1st time on trail - saw the Blue Hills, Beautiful.  Very nice trail layout & upkeep - thanks! --author's location unknown
Birkie Eve - thanks for the great skiing Santa. --Ladysmith, WI
Nice trail system!  Our first time here.  Thank you!  Nice warming house too. --Mound, MN
2/19/09 A little cool with wind, but beautiful nonetheless!  Snowshoeing rules! --author's location unknown
Thanks for grooming!  Aggressive snow but beautiful out there. --Ladysmith, WI
2/18/09 Blue Hills has the best groomers!  Couldn't get any better!  Peace. --Ladysmith, WI
18 degrees F sun in & out - windy but not in the woods.  2" to 3" of snow last night - groomers out already - great conditions - see you at Cable or Hayward Saturday. --Ladysmith, WI
Good luck Birkie skiers! --author's location unknown
2/17/09 Great day today with fast snow!  Love it here!  Thanks groomers. --Ladysmith, WI
2/16/09 What a gem of a place! --Eau Claire, WI
Love the caramel corn! --author's location unknown
Thanks for the caramel corn candy!  Great skiing. --Minneapolis, MN
Trails held up very well after warm spell - groomed & fast. --Ladysmith, WI
2/15/09 1st time in 2 years - it's better than I remember.  You trail guys are the best - thanks. --Rice Lake, WI
Great job, getting the Trails back into shape!!  Kudos to you groomers.  I think I'm Birkie ready. --Alma Center, WI
Zoom Zoom.  Nice job grooming! --New Auburn, WI
Great skiing!  Thanks! --author's location unknown
FAST FAST FAST!!! --Minnetonka, MN
2/14/09 Happy V-Day!  Thanks for treats in the warming house. --author's location unknown
I'm in love with skate skiing. --author's location unknown
This is the best Valentine's Day ever!  Got to ski nearly 3 hours with my wife!  The trails are in excellent shape despite the recent rains.  Thanks so much for the BHTA!!! --Siren, WI
Best kept secret is the 'new' trail from 2A to 23A.  Thanks for touching up the skate lane again.  It was great! --Ladysmith
Thanks for the warning sign in the backwoods - Wood Duck!  Too Funny! --Chetek, WI
Fast, controllable fun! --Ladysmith, WI
Nice fast glide, but not dangerous.  Thanks for the great grooming. --Hillsdale, WI
Another great day!  Skating rocks!  Thanks folks!! --Blue Island, IL
Skiing to celebrate our 25th anniversary.  Lovers of the world, unite! --author's location unknown
2/13/09 Friday the 13th - lucky us! - trails groomed again today.  Fast skating - thrilling living on the edge! --Ladysmith, WI
Friday the 13th - another day in paradise! --Blue Island, IL
Drove in from Milwaukee.  The trails are great - fast & fun!  Thank you to the groomers.  "You guys rock" --Hartford, WI
Nicey fast.  Can it get any faster? --Prairie Farm, WI
2/12/09 Finally, it's below freezing again.  We skied right after fresh grooming.  It was firm & fast.  Thanks for the grooming! --Apple Valley, MN
Great ski today.  Thanks groomers! --Ladysmith, WI
The trail survived the warm temps - thank you for grooming today. --Ladysmith, WI
Trails better than expected after all that warm weather.  Thank you groomers! --author's location unknown
2/8/09 YEE HAWW!  What a blast!  Thank you groomers for touching up the skate lane. --Ladysmith, WI
We're B-A-A-A-C-K!  Fast Fast Fun & Fabulous.  THX! --Apple Valley, MN
Beautiful day.  Beautiful weather!  Beautifully groomed trails. --author's location unknown
Best conditions all year. --author's location unknown
Tremendous trails, nice & quiet.  Nice cabin, all around neat experience. --Madison, WI
EXCELLENT!!! :-) --author's location unknown
Love it here!  Thank you!! --author's location unknown
Thanks for a great pre-Birkie ski!! --Chippewa Falls, WI
Skiing "Grand" - nice digs. --Madison, WI
Beautiful day; beautiful ski trails.  Thanks. --author's location unknown
Whee...  fun ski - & great view today of Blue Hills. --Oshkosh, WI
Forgot my poles!  Good thing gliding uphill today was almost as fast as downhill.  Beautiful day & great trails. --Ladysmith, WI
2/7/09 FAST!  Beautiful trail I hope it continues. --St. Paul, MN
Best maintained trail I've ever skied.  #4 degrees F, fast & fun. --author's location unknown
Had a great ski - thanks. --author's location unknown
Had a great time.  Wonderful trail. --author's location unknown
2/6/09 Wonderfully fast snow & mild temperatures.  I don't think it gets any better than this.  Many thanks to the groomers. --Ladysmith, WI
34 degrees F sunny SSW breeze.  Too warm.  Took off one layer & my gloves.  Trails are awesome. --Ladysmith, WI
2/5/09 Wonderful Wonderful!  Thanks, groomers. --Ladysmith, WI
Started out under the moonlit sky at 8 p.m.  The trails were absolutely the fastest that they have been all year.  Did the groomers spray the trails with silicone?  WOW!  If only the Birkie trail is this good in a few weeks. --Bruce, WI
2/4/09 12 degrees F sunny no wind - perfect.  Good trails - good winter warm weather on the way - hope it doesn't last too long - 2 weeks 'til Birkie. --Ladysmith, WI
2/1/09 Fast, great set tracks.  Wish I didn't live 120 miles away. --Vadnais Heights, MN
Awesome as usual.  Both skate & classic.  I be back soon. --Alma Center, WI
Very nice trail system.  Thanks. --Oakdale, MN
1/31/09 Thank you for the great grooming!  Gorgeous fresh classic track. --Ladysmith, WI
Thanks for the fabulous grooming. --Eau Claire, WI
Fantastic.  Good grooming. --St. Paul, MN
All was great.  Thanks so much! --Spooner, WI
C'est magnifique!!  Mille fois MERCI!! --Eau Claire, WI
Great skiing. --Rice Lake, WI
A lovely day - great grooming - & I find your trail conditions reports all but poetic.  Well done. --Eau Claire, WI
Heaven on earth.  Silky smooth speed.  Effortless glide & edge control. --Prairie Farm, WI
If this had been the Super Bowl weekend of grooming, this team just WON! --Ladysmith, WI
1/30/09 Fresh corduroy everywhere! --Ladysmith, WI
1/29/09 Great ski today.  Beautiful sunshine.  I think Bambi & Thumper are enjoying our trails too. --Ladysmith, WI
1/28/09 Thanks groomers for touching up the skate lane.  It was blazing fast! --Ladysmith, WI
1/27/09 Nice fast skiing on both East & West sides today.  May we have many more such days! --Ladysmith, WI
Beautiful day to ski! --Ladysmith, WI
1/26/09 This warming house is just right. --author's location unknown
1/25/09 Temps below zero kept the riff raff away, but for the rest of us the skies were clear & the trails well groomed.  A great way to spend a January afternoon! --author's location unknown
Great classic ski. --Rice Lake, WI
Great day but COLD! --Minneapolis, MN
Sunny skies, cold temps, good kick wax, great company.  Trails in excellent shape.  Thanks to all. --Ladysmith, WI
Had a great time skiing today - the trails were awesome - Thanks! --author's location unknown
Great day to ski.  Core loop was amazingly fast for as cold as it was. --Bruce, WI
1/24/09 Great track, great day. --Rice Lake, WI
What a treat.  Sunny & around 0 degrees F.  Little or no wind.  This is heaven - thanks! --author's location unknown
Cold & beautiful - thanks. --Eau Claire, WI
1/23/09 Effortless ski today with dusting of hoar frost on the trail.  Beautiful! --Ladysmith, WI
Freshly groomed trails in the Blue Hills - priceless.  Thanks groomers. --Ladysmith, WI
Effortless speed with safe, flat track. --author's location unknown
1/20/09 Sunny, upper teens - a lovely day to inaugurate some fresh corduroy.  Thanks for grooming today - absolutely fantastic conditions. --Ladysmith, WI
Hats off to the groomers today.  FANTASTIC!  YES WE CAN! --Ladysmith, WI
Great trails today.  Groomers love ya. --Ladysmith, WI
1/19/09 Nice winter day. --author's location unknown
Beautiful day. --author's location unknown
Great ski today! --Ladysmith, WI
Martin Luther King would approve. --author's location unknown
1/18/09 Your Blue Hills Trails are the best!!  THANKS  (better than any in Dane County :-) --Madison, WI
Fun combination of packed powder & layers of feathers - thanks for grooming. --Ladysmith, WI
Beautiful day, amazing trails, & feiendly skiers. --Madison, WI
1/17/09 8 degrees F.  2" fresh fluffy snow.  Groomers out already - hail to the groomer.  16 cars in the lot, good to see that.  Birkie fever!  Catch it! --Ladysmith, WI
Skiing was great!  My wife & I surely enjoyed the trails. --Eau Claire, WI
Trails excellent, caramel corn even better. --Eau Claire, WI
1/12/09 First time out - strided!  Thanks for tracks!  Great! --Chetek, WI
Nice! --Cumberland, WI
Great! --Weyerhaeuser, WI
We are so lucky to have these peaceful hills.  Thanks groomers! --Ladysmith, WI
1/10/09 Beautiful day - sun shining & just groomed when we started around 1:30.  Skate & classic were much fun! --Stillwater, MN
Good workout, beautiful day. --Eau Claire, WI
1/9/09 Trails are great as usual.  6 weeks 'til Birkie. --Steve, Ladysmith
Great fun!  Would love to have tracks all the way around.  But who can complain at all on such an awesome winter 'January' day in WI.  Happy trails to all. --Farmington, MN; Hastings, MN
1/8/09 Another great day - perfect conditions. --Hugo, MN
1/7/09 Great skiing.  Almost died but am working up to better days. --Ladysmith, WI
Very good. --Minnetonka, MN
Great ski. --Ladysmith, WI
1/6/09 We skied the sun up.  Too cold! --New Auburn, WI
I skied the back loop (Eastside) & the Westside in beautiful conditions.  Time for lunch, & then some more skiing on the Eastside.  A great day. --Ladysmith, WI
1/5/09 We skied the sun down.  Beautiful! --Ladysmith, WI
1/4/09 Great conditions!  Love it here.  Cheers. --Minneapolis, MN
Great skiing!  Super grooming - thanks! --Ladysmith, WI
1/3/09 So much fun last time, we came back for more, & weren't disappointed.  Absolutely fab. --Hugo, MN
Fastest conditions of the year!  Great ski. --Bruce, WI
Great, fun race day -- hurrah to Frank! --Ladysmith, WI
1/2/09 2nd time visiting - last time during summer.  Beautiful area.  We are snowshoers & wish areas were left natural for snow shoes only. --author's location unknown
Beautiful day!  Thanks for all the grooming. --Ladysmith, WI
Wonderful trails!  Great day for skiing. --Bloomington, MN
1/1/09 Absolutely wonderful - skied trails today for the first time in many years.  And the old faithful were better than ever.  If forced to name one negative about the day, it would be the scarcity of people.  Where is everyone?  You should have been here! --Hugo, MN
Fantastic!  Finally some great snow.  Thanks for the excellent grooming, --Eau Claire, WI
Beautiful!  Thank you. --Rice Lake, WI
Thanks. --Denver, CO
12/31/08 Nice, sunny, cold day for the last ski of this year.  It was a beautiful day. --Apple Valley, MN
Beautiful day in northern Wisconsin.  Thanks for the experience. --Madison, WI
Slow going but beautiful. --Saint Paul, MN
Beautiful new snow.  Happy New Year! --Madison, WI
12/29/08 Nice sunny day with a brisk wind.  We did a 1.5 hr classic ski.  Good skiing; a little icy & fast in spots.  Thanks groomers. --Apple Valley, MN
Went for a quick snowshoe towards the end of the day. Beautiful evening light!  Glad to be here again.  Happy New Years! --Missoula, MT
12/28/08 Fantastic!!  Great job grooming.  Beautiful trail layout. --Burnsville, MN
Very fast!  Wish I had a parachute for some of those downhills.  Saw grouse tracks 200M east of #1.  Looks like a male red phase or possibly the elusive chestnut bird. --New Auburn, WI
12/27/08 A truly great day to classic! --Rice Lake, WI
12/26/08 Nice winter day for 1st ski.  Little mist but still fun.  Family here for Christmas. --Nebraska
I enjoyed the wuiet woods. --Minneapolis, MN
I like the pretty trees.  :-)  The snow was a little bit sticky, but otherwise greatg. --Durham, NC
Pretty scenery. --Durham, NC
12/25/08 Lovely way to spend Christmas Day.  Beautiful trails.  Thank you. --author's location unknown
14 degrees F.  Sunny.  Wonderful fast.  Thanks for the Holiday groom! --Apple Valley, MN
12/24/08 Great cold day to be skiing in the Midwest, couldn't ask for any place better! --Seattle, WA
Skied the core loop plus the back loops.  Bit soft on the outer loop, core loop excellent.  Ski on! -- Hillsdale, WI
The fast snow has arrived.  What a great day! --Bruce, WI
2nd time out in my life & it was fantastic. --author's location unknown
Merry Christmas - another great ski on groomed trails - thanks groomer. --author's location unknown
12/23/08 We skied the Westside.  Good 'trail breaking' back country skiing. --Apple Valley, MN
Skied 'til dark.  Awesome as usual - first time in the Hills this year - hope it lasts!  The Blue Hills are like an old good friend - always there. --Ladysmith, WI
12/22/08 -8 degrees F cold.  Thank you to Blue Hills team for grooming in this frigid weather.  Trail was great. --Hampshire, IL
12/20/08 Very peaceful with snow coming down. --Ladysmith, WI
12/13/08 Great to be on skis again! --Ladysmith, WI
12/10/08 Had a wonderful time skiing.  Thanks for grooming. --Bruce, WI
11/27/08 This is a very nice place to get warm.  It's cozy in here. --author's location unknown
11/15/08 Great day in the woods.  Trails look good. --author's location unknown
10/28/08 Great fall day (sunny, low 40s) to enjoy a walk with my dog. --Ladysmith, WI
10/21/08 Beautiful crisp day for a walk in the woods. --Ladysmith, WI
10/18/08 Had a wonderful walk through the woods. --author's location unknown
10/14/08 Gorgeous sunny day on trails carpeted by leaves. --Ladysmith, WI
9/2/08 Came to check it out. --Chetek, WI
9/1/08 Oliver (5 yrs) & I rode the WestSideTrail to B & back.  80 degrees +. --Minneapolis, MN
8/30/08 Good hiking!  Bugs were fellow travelers.  A perfect day. --Madison, WI
8/25/08 Milwaukee, WI
8/24/08 Great weather!  Decent trails. --La Crosse, WI
8/22/08 Great mountain bike trails! --Waunakee, WI
8/20/08 Stevens Point, WI
8/18/08 Having a great time on vacation this week.  Plan to come back next year!  Weather is great! --Waterford, WI
8/17/08 Chippewa Falls, WI
8/16/08 80 degrees F - perfect day.  B-Day celebration - lovin' life! --Twin Cities & Minong, WI
8/6/08 Took a nice 4-5 mile hike.  Lots of mosquitoes & flies.  The grass was a bit tall but was a beautiful setting.  Must be incredible in winter.  Without the bugs this would have been outstanding. --St. Louis, MO
Sisters enjoyed the beautiful woods. --author's location unknown
8/5/08 Went smallest loop.  Mid 80s & sunny.  Looking forward to hiking next year with more friends. --Duluth & Foley, MN
8/3/08 Hoped to walk trails but rain interfered.  Maybe try again. --Buffalo County, WI
8/1/08 Beautiful day - 80 degrees F.  We plan to come back & x-country ski this winter. --Chippewa Falls, WI
7:30-9 p.m.  Rode mountain bike on the WestSide.  Mid 70s.  Awesome. --Ladysmith, WI
7/26/08 Great 'scenery'.  Peace & quiet.  Great area to visit. --Ripon, WI
7/17/08 We like the quiet & undisturbed!  Wisconsin needs more like this area. --Rice Lake, WI
7/8/08 We stayed in the Blue Hills for two months as campground hosts & we had the greatest time since we have been in Wisconsin.  This is truly a very beautiful place. --author's location unknown
6/24/08 Father + son.  7:30 p.m.  Came in to escape skeeters & deer flies.  Ticks abundant. --Reedsburg, WI
6/6/08 Great afternoon riding mt. bike.  Very wet as it rained the last two days.  Always looking for new ground & yes I found some.  Just love it up here. --Chetek, WI
5/27/08 Frosty start to the morning.  Short grasses, gorgeous day in the woods.  Bring on summer! --Ladysmith, WI
Cool afternoon with lots of sun.  Rode West Side Trails.  Good ride, but many trees down.  First time rider - signage was challenging at times. --Racine, WI
5/24/08 My 9 year old son & I biked 1-31 on the EastSide.  Very buggy & muddy. --Minneapolis, MN
5/16/08 Biked WestSide trails.  Good riding but lots of trees down and big wash out on trail that comes out on the road.  Little rain just before dark. --Ladysmith, WI
5/7/08 Out geocaching with friends! --Lakeland, MN & Corvallis, OR
4/20/08 Road washed out.  Sun is warm & ground is soggy.  Beautiful morning. --author's location unknown
4/13/08 Just stopped to show my son some "real" trails.  The sun is out & the snow is still deep. --author's location unknown
4/11/08 Yep.  Almost tax day & still skiing.  Had to break trail from County O to get here.  Skiing with the robins today. --author's location unknown
4/8/08 Winter or Spring?  Ski or bike?  Despite recent rain & temps in the 60s a few days ago, there's still lots of snow!  Fun waxless striding a wet snow on top of a great base. --Ladysmith, WI
4/5/08 Yee haw!  Attempting one more ski. --Ladysmith, WI
Good crust 8 a.m., sticky in sunshine by 9.  Lots of snow remaining, bare spots only on a few sun exposed hills. --Ladysmith, WI
4/1/08 5" of snowman snow from yesterday's storm.  Sunny sticky striding today. --Ladysmith, WI
OK.  I'm done. --Bruce, WI
3/30/08 Skied Audie.  Just perfect! --Ladysmith, WI
Most excellent skiing - just as good as yesterday in most places. --Minnetonka, MN
3/29/08 The Best Ever ski in a decade!  Thanks for grooming & going the extra mile - or 40k - to allow us to ski this late in the season.  Everyone we saw had smiles a mile wide. --Ladysmith, WI
Absolutely fabulous today.  Thanks for grooming early!  It's 3 p.m., 44 degrees F & base is still holding up.  BEST skiing in a long time!  (Of course - it's been wonderful all year, but warm weather makes me appreciate it better...)  Think I got sunburned...:-)  My Norwegian friend thought the trails were just as good as they are in Norway.  (Woo-hoo!) --Twin Cites, MN
Fantastic!  Great way to end the season & well worth the drive from Eau Claire.  Hats off to the groomers - thank you! --Eau Claire, WI
3/28/08 10:55 a.m.  This is what you have been working for all winter, to get the physical conditioning & the physical conditions to go flying up & down hill (esp. down!) over a firm crust.  Ski early & ski soon - before it disappears. --Ladysmith, WI
3/27/08 Great sunset ski - 35 degrees F - trail glazing over, blazing fast - what fun! --Ladysmith, WI
Like the loose caboose that ended up in a tree top, the down hills were screamin' fast & got the adrenaline going. --Ladysmith, WI
3/26/08 First time here.  Beautiful country - I am excited to see it from a pair of skis. --Minneapolis, MN
Pretty fast ski.  Caught the window - eager for more this week. --Ladysmith, WI
Great Spring skiing.  40 degrees F got better & better as it got warm. --Ride & Glide
1st time here.  Spectacular!  Great trail layout & lots o' snow.  Thanks to BHTA. --Mounds Park, MN
3/25/08 Nice day.  Good workout.  Classic track good shape. --Bruce, WI
Schöne skipiste durch birkenwälder, gang anders als in Deutschland.  Translation: "Beautiful groomed skitrail through birchwoods, completely different compared to the ones we have in Germany."
I liked it really - it's another kind of cross country skiing, than in Germany, where we come from, but it's great too.  The best activity to experience the nature! --Donaueschingen, Germany
3/24/08 Solid overnight freeze (10 degrees F).  Sunny day, good crust skiing (especially on Audie), lots of snow remaining! --Ladysmith, WI
Great trails!!  Snow remains good.  Be back next year. --Middleton, WI
Thanks to the wonderful groomers for a striding track this late in March.  What an awesome day!  Thanks for the water, Kleenex, treats & especially the caramel corn!  To die for! --Chetek, WI
Thanks for the great grooming.  Snow was great! --Weyerhaeuser, WI
3/23/08 Had a last great ski for the year!  Hate to see the season end.  Happy Easter!! --author's location unknown
3/22/08 Great day.  Thanks for grooming.  Nice track. --Bruce, WI
More Spring XCski!!  Thanks for getting the grooming equipment out - looks like we will have a couple more weekends to enjoy this great place. --author's location unknown
3/21/08 We skied from Perch Lake into Audie Lake, across small pond to the WestSideTrail - & back, on a fine crust. --Eau Claire & Ladysmith, WI
3/20/08 Gorgeous day, 38 degrees F, sunny - skied WestSide.  Good workout. --Rhinelander, WI
3/16/08 Skied the WestSide.  It was fast skiing & a beautiful Spring morning.  What a wonderful place to be! --Apple Valley, MN
OH YEAH.  Thanks for a great season of well groomed snow.  More to come?? --Chetek, WI
We had a wonderful afternoon of skiing!! --Ladysmith, WI
3/15/08 Nice morning ski.  Overall fast great ski! --author's location unknown
Nice spring ski!!  Trail is fine - icy in spots - but still great xcskiing.  Great job all year by the grooming team.  Thanks!! --Chicago, IL
FABULOUS!  Best ski of the year - did the entire WestSide - it was all great! --Minnetonka, MN
This is the best skate skiing of the year.  I could skate fast & under control.  Also skied the classic track & it was good as well.  Thanks again for the wonderful grooming effort. --Apple Valley, MN
Perfect spring skiing. --Bruce, WI
3/14/08 Nice day.  I was attacked by peeps with no peep shooter. --Ladysmith, WI
3/13/08 Tried to ski, but 2 inches fresh, wet snow made it laborious.  Much different from Sun-Monday Fast!  Thanks For A Great Season!!  Start running to be in shape to put on skinny skis nest year! --Rice Lake, WI
Snow may be too soft for skis, but snowshoes are still effective.  I hope this lasts a few more weeks.  Deer were bedded on south-facing slopes everywhere & refused to run off when they saw me.  Seemed content to just let me pass.  Beautiful (but wet!) day for trekking. --author's location unknown
3/12/08 8:30 a.m. 27 degrees F.  1st day skating this year.  Fast fun scary. --Ladysmith, WI
3/11/08 Very nice morning.  Classic lane fast. --Bruce, WI
Skied the sun up - tried to make the morning last - everything is GROOOVY! --Ladysmith, WI
3/10/08 Very clear & sunny.  Great skiing - just wish I had brought my sunglasses. --Ladysmith, WI
3/8/08 15 degrees F, sun, lightning fast.  Primo, primo. --Rice Lake, WI
Super conditions & great trails - Bravo to the Association!! --author's location unknown
Outstanding & fast with control.  What could be better? --St. Paul, MN
Conditions are great & it is beautiful. --Maple Grove, MN
3/6/08 Around 13 degrees F.  The most exhilarating, face-numbing, Spring ski ever! --Ladysmith, WI
3/5/08 The cm of new snow slows the runs a little, but not too much.  How long will these great conditions last?  What a great winter - keep it coming - April?  Thanks groomers! --Ladysmith, WI
3/4/08 Great grooming - trails are great. --Rice Lake, WI
It was like the best roller coaster ride & runaway train all rolled up into one!  Yeehaaaaaaaaaaaaa... --Ladysmith, WI
3/2/08 Nice grooming, makes me want to go get a haircut.  Marking system is top notch, very easy to follow. --author's location unknown
3/1/08 Thanks for the excellent trail maintenance.  You're appreciated! --Chetek, WI
Perfect day to ski.  We love this place!  Thanks trail crew!! --Eau Claire, WI
One of the best days ever! --Ladysmith, WI
GREAT DAY!  So grateful for all the grooming!  What a way to start March! --Ladysmith, WI
2/28/08 Addicted to speed!  Fast, fun hardpack, just enuf edge control to let it rip! --Ladysmith, WI
Great evening of skiing. --Ladysmith, WI
Started to snow just as I got here (~7 p.m.).  Very fast conditions with the hardpack below.  Fresh fisher tracks heading from the WestSide cutoff down to the beginners' loop.  I think that I was gaining on him! --Bruce, WI
2/25/08 Great ski today.  Nice glide. --Ladysmith, WI
2/24/08 Very good on the WestSide.  Likewise on the EastSide. --Ladysmith, WI
Stopped on our way home from the Birkie - nice way to loosen up the stiff & sore muscles.  As always, great trail grooming.  Thanks! --Chippewa Falls & Elk Mound, WI
Skiing has been great this weekend. --Exeland, WI
2/23/08 Great trails/grooming & very welcoming place.  Thanks. --Minneapolis, MN
Fantastic trails - outstanding grooming - best day to ski - deer nearly ran me down. --St. Paul, MN
Great trail system.  Well marked, appropriately rated, etc.  Nice wide grooming.  Great job. --Minneapolis, MN
Nice! --Prairie du Chien, WI
2/22/08 Skied all of the WestSide.  Beautiful morning, lots of deer, just groomed. --Apple Valley, MN
Perfect was & perfect temp & excellent grooming & just the right mixture of rocket fuel = the best day on skis this year.  More to come, hopefully.  Thanks to all who have generously contributed $$ so that we can enjoy this beautiful place to ski.  Ladysmith, WI
2/21/08 Beautiful day, 12 degrees F, skating good but a little slow.  Thanks again for the nice grooming. --Apple Valley, MN
Great day.  Thanks groomers.  Great trails. --Ladysmith, WI
Mid teens, sunny skies, & great classic track - solid & fast!  Go Birkie skiers! --Ladysmith, WI
Little slow, little cold but great to be out.  Thank you yet again for grooming! --Ladysmith, WI
2/20/08 Skied without a light tonight.  At about 7:50 it became obvious that the lunar eclipse was occurring.  What a memorable night to ski. --Bruce, WI
2/17/08 Gorgeous area; beautifully maintained trails!  and thanks for the delicious cupcakes! --St. Paul, MN
Good times, thank you so much.  Trails are great & plenty of snow. --Rice Lake, WI
Great weather, great snow & great trails.  We especially enjoyed the classic trails. --Minneapolis, MN
2/16/08 Awesome Day!! --Chipp Waffles, WI
FANTASTIC GROOMING.  Came from Minnesota to ski, spent the night in Ladysmith. --St. Paul, MN
Thanks for the great groomed trails & those delicious brownies - that is Midwest nice - I love it!  What a great day!!! --Rochester, MN
Always a joy!!  Thank you. --Chicago, IL
As always, great grooming!  It's a Valentine treat to find chocolate brownies. --Hillsdale, WI
Best ski in years!!! --Rice Lake, WI
2/15/08 Trails were great.  5 degrees F. --Holcombe, WI
Great snow!!! --Blue Island, IL
2/14/08 Happy Valentine's Day!  Awesome grooming.  Outa this world skiing. --Ladysmith, WI
2/13/08 Beautiful out, although trails were slow. --Flambeau High School, WI
Great fast day East & West with some virgin powder. --Rice Lake, WI
Troop 349 earns badges - winter sports - frosty fun. --Verona, WI
9:17 p.m.  Great ski tonight.  Chased a couple of deer down the trail.  Couldn't quite catch them.  Must work on V-2ing if I'm going to catch them.  Just started to snow again. --Bruce, WI
2/12/08 Once again "Another day in paradise." --Ladysmith, WI
Fabulous skating the firm trails & fresh corduroy! --Ladysmith, WI
2/11/08 So quiet & beautiful under a sunny sky at 5 degrees F. --Ladysmith, WI
2/10/08 Great sunshine - fair tradeoff for the subzero temps. --Ladysmith, WI
2/9/08 Up for the weekend.  Great place to be. --Waseca & Owatonna, MN; Sun Prairie, WI
Great snow!  Great trails! --Big Lake, MN
Yabadabadoo!  I love freshly groomed trails.  How about you? --Ladysmith, WI
The sun burst out at 4:30.  Windy, but can't complain - nice skiing as usual. --Ladysmith, WI
2/8/08 Beautiful trails - thanks. --Spooner, WI
Thanks to all the trail crew.  We all had a wonderful ski & our dog a wonderful romp on the WestSide. --Minneapolis, MN
2/7/08 Beautiful trails.  Thanx.  Delightful!! --author's location unknown
2/4/08 Had a great ski on the core loop just ahead of the storm. --Bruce, WI
2/3/08 What a beautiful day!  :-)  Perfect skiing & when the sun came out it made it a day to remember. --Sweden
Yahoo!  What a gorgeous day!  Great grooming! --Ladysmith, WI
Blue skies, great temps, new grooming, fresh cord.  Died & went to heaven.  Thanks Mom!  Priceless.  Love it here. --Black River Falls, WI
Lots of fun, perfect weather, grooming great. --author's location unknown
Blue Hills are Fabulous!  Great brownies.  Thank you. --author's location unknown
I just came out for the caramel corn.  Skied a little bit to dampen the calorie gain.  Thanks for the great grooming.  Classic track was blazing fast. --Bruce, WI
2/2/08 More snow!  Yeah!!  Great morning for a ski! --author's location unknown
We always like it here. --Stoughton, WI
Great skiing!!  Love the WestSide trail & its Lollipop loop.  Be back tomorrow. --Black River Falls, WI
Broke trail then got fresh corduroy. --Chippewa Falls, WI
Thanks for the caramel corn!  Loved the skiing. --Reston, VA
Great skiing.  Loved the hills & fresh grooming & the caramel corn!!! --Richmond, MN
2/1/08 It was a nice morning of skiing on a nice fast trail. --Apple Valley, MN
Great skiing this morning!  First time skiing here & definitely going to come back soon.  Keep up the great work! --author's location unknown
1/31/08 That was excellent today.  Hated to stop.  Thank you groomers once again. --Ladysmith, WI
Great sunset ski!  Wonderful grooming. --Ladysmith, WI
Even better night ski! --Bruce, WI
1/28/08 Nice, fast skiing intil it warmed.  Even then it remains fairly fast on well-packed EastSide trails. --Ladysmith, WI
1/27/08 Trails were great & my son did his first Beginner loop!!  Rice Lake, WI
Great skiing. --Gilman, WI
Wow!  Excellent trails - nice job groomer. --author's location unknown
Quite possible the best skiing of the year.  It doesn't get any better than this. --Bruce, WI
1/26/08 Great grooming!  FANTASTIC SKATING! --St. Paul, MN
Thanks for the zoom-groom. --Chetek, WI
Great conditions - Thanks. --Eau Claire, WI
Great skiing.  Warmer temps & the trails were perfect. --Apple Valley, MN
Great trails - good ski. --Bruce, WI
Great trails.  Weather was perfect. --New London, WI
So I'm climbing the 32-31 hill thinking how good some caramel corn would be right now.  When I get into the cabin what do I see!  Thanks.  Great skiing today.  Be back tomorrow. --Bruce, WI
Trails are perfect - good job groomer.  Temp mid 20s.  Awesome skiing.  Birkie fever. --Ladysmith, WI
1/25/08 Beautifully groomed - great skating. --Ladysmith, WI
1/20/08 Sunny - cold temps below zero - trails are great. --Holcombe, WI
-5 degrees F, sunny, beautiful.  Slow snow.  Great trail.  Great workout. --Rice Lake, WI
Brrrr!  Very cold.  Pretty trails, nicely groomed. --Rockford, IL
1/19/08 Cold, but excellent conditions! --author's location unknown
1/18/08 Priceless!! --Ladysmith, WI
1/14/08 Great ski today.  Thank groomers. --Ladysmith, WI
1/13/08 Good to be here!  Liked the tracks! --Chetek, WI
Wonderful day, great conditions. --Rice Lake, WI
1/12/08 We may be the only classic skiers today.  Thank you for the beautiful tracks.  The ski conditions were great - thanks to the groomers for a fantastic job. --Minneapolis, MN
1/10/08 Wow!  Blazing fast... super fast... dangerously fast!  Edge control was elusive to say the least.  It was best to walk down some of the hills.  Snow is just starting to fall so things are looking up. --Bruce, WI
1/9/08 Absolutely fantastic - if you want to go really fast. --Ladysmith, WI
1/8/08 Snowshoes, love it. --author's location unknown
1/4/08 Hey!  This is my second time skiing.  It's a blast.  Thanks! --Omaha, NE
It was another nice day of skiing for our family.  This is the greatest place. --Apple Valley, MN
Another best ski of the year. --Minnetonka, MN
My 5th day out here since Christmas.  Every day has been wonderful. --Chetek, WI
1/3/08 It's a nice sunny, but windy day.  Great skiing.  We brought a couple more grandchildren. --Apple Valley, MN
Fantastic day, groomers are doing a great job. --Rice Lake, WI
So beautiful - had a lovely time! --Minneapolis, MN
It was amazing!  I had a wonderful time! --Minneapolis, MN
Great day to spend the last of my winter break! --Pullman, WA
Great ski conditions & good grooming!!  We love this place!  Thanks!! --author's location unknown
Wonderful as always. --group from the Twin Cities
This group from California had a blast. --author's location unknown
Absolutely the best skiing of the year.  A little unnerving though.  On first lap their were no coyote tracks.  On the second loop there were tracks... for a while.  Kind of makes you wonder who was following who? --Bruce, WI
1/2/08 Great terrain, well designed system. --Green Bay, WI
1/1/08 Bitter cold in the a.m.  Beautiful sunshine!!  Awesome classic ski.  Had it all to myself.  Happy New Year. --Weyerhaeuser, WI
12/31/07 Wow!!  What a wonderful ski, snow, climate, scenery, grooming!!!  Thanks. --Eau Claire, WI
Another great run.  Thanks for that grooming from 11 to 21.  It was fun; Happy New Year. --Apple Valley, MN
A beautiful winter fairyland with snow caked on trees.  Beautiful trails too - what a great way to end 2007. --Eau Claire, WI
Last ski of the year!  Grooming was great & we skied farther than usual.  Thanks! --Hillsdale, WI
Phenomenal skiing day!!  Trails rocked & the sights were amazing!!  Hopefully it will be great next weekend! --author's location unknown
12/30/07 Paradise!  As usual!  Snow was perfect!!  Thanks for grooming. --Eau Claire, WI
Great skiing weekend!  Trails are excellent. --author's location unknown
12/29/07 Thanks so much - trails are great - & what a beautiful day. --author's location unknown
Awesome as usual! --Chippewa Falls, WI
Great ski.  Fab grooming.  Spiffy building.  Best ski of the year!  The Blue Hills Ascent should be a gas. --author's location unknown
Beautiful. --Flint, MI
20 degrees F.  No wind - gently falling snow - perfect trails.  BHTA - thanks. --Ladysmith, WI
3 days lf skiing in the beautiful Blue Hills Mountains / it's a paradise / thanks for grooming & keeping this so nice. --Madison, WI
First time skiing - absolutely loved it!!!  Hope to be back soon & often!!! --Ladysmith, WI
Great ski!  Great trail!  Thanks for the hard work!  See you at the race!! --author's location unknown
What a wonderful ski trail to enjoy!  Family fun at its fullest!  Thank you! --author's location unknown
12/28/07 Great snow, good job grooming, great trails. --Stoughton, WI
Beautiful trails!  Delightful!  Thanks! --Elk River, MN
12/27/07 My cousin brought me here to ski today.  Beautiful blue sky, fresh snow, perfect! --author's location unknown
Couldn't ask for more beautiful ski conditions.  Perfect way to celebrate 21 years of marriage. --Eau Claire, WI
12/26/07 We come here to ski every winter.  We love skiing here.  It is our favorite place to be! --Rice Lake, WI
12/25/07 Wunderbar - skiing in God's country. --Chetek, WI
Great day to be on the trails. --Holcombe, WI
"Great job" to all our groomers. --Bruce, WI
Merry Christmas!  What a great present to come out here & ski between the falling flakes!  It's always beautiful. --Missoula, MT
Exactly how a Christmas Day should be... wonderful snowy day skiing with the family! --Pullman, WA
12/24/07 17 degrees F - no wind - red sunset - full moon - perfect - Merry Christmas. --author's location unknown
1st ski of the year.  Awesome! --Rice Lake, WI
Great ski - great way to celebrate Xmas Eve. --Rice Lake, WI
12/21/07 34 degrees F, fog, drizzle.  Trails still good & fast.  Need more snow. --Ladysmith, WI
12/19/07 Hats off to everyone that makes this possible. --Bruce, WI
We greatly enjoyed the skiing! --Chippewa Falls, WI
Great to be up here. --Chicago, IL
I enjoyed skiing the "lollipop" on the WestSide for the first time this season.  Conditions on this side were great, too. --Ladysmith, WI
12/18/07 Great hoar frost snow dusted ski - love the fresh corduroy! --Ladysmith, WI
Excellent trails, nicely groomed, what a great afternoon!  Thank you! --Washington, D.C.
12/17/07 The clouds lifted while I was skiing & the frosty trees began to sparkle.  Thanks to the groomers, the snow underski was wonderful, too. --Ladysmith, WI
12/16/07 Great ski on the back loop (#5). --Weyerhaeuser, WI
What fun!  Skied 'til I couldn't ski anymore.  Thank you groomers et al. --Ladysmith, WI
Thank you -- great trails!!  Finally snow! --author's location unknown
12/15/07 Lessons provided to those who braved the cold (single digits at start).  But conditions were terrific, introducing several new people to the trail system.  Thanks. --Hugo, MN
Great clinic & great skiing afterwards. --Bruce, WI
12/13/07 Good skiin. --Cumberland & Rice Lake, WI
12/10/07 Out for a night ski again with head lamp.  This makes the trail all new again.  Super fast tonight. --Bruce, WI
12/9/07 Superb & fast.  Thanks groom crew! --Chetek, WI
Great trail! --Onalaska, WI
Thanks for great grooming & trail setup. --Rice Lake, WI
Thanks to ALL who make this trail happen. --author's location unknown
Thanks for the fun place to enjoy the solitude. --author's location unknown
12/8/07 Thanks, wonderful grooming. --author's location unknown
12/7/07 Great skating on the freshly rolled trails.  A wonderful sunny morning.  Thanks for getting up early & preparing the trails. --Apple Valley, MN
12/4/07 Had a nice time skiing here today.  Ended up skiing in about 2" new snow that fell since midday. --Ladysmith, WI
12/2/07 Skied the core loop.  Excellent skiing where it was groomed.  Picked out a few downed branches.  Had a great time. -Bruce, WI
11/23/07 Great hike, can't wait to come back & ski these trails. --St. Paul, MN
11/18/07 Thank you so much for all the hard work you do for the trails!  We really appreciate your work!!! --New Richmond, WI
11/9/07 Came out for a bow hunt.  Started snowing 9 a.m., 1/2 inch on the ground by 9:45. --Fox Valley, WI
11/4/07 Nice place. --Fond du Lac, WI
Great day for a hike!  Love the new section of trail! --Rice Lake, WI
11/2/07 Visiting from Florida - just beautiful. --Florida
10/27/07 This place is sweet & off da hook.  Yo.  We came here to walk the trails. --author's location unknown
10/4/07 Biking around - it's so beautiful here.  Weather is amazing & the leaves are perfect.  So much more color than Colorado - though the hills are smaller  :) --Barron, WI
9/29/07 Up here to see the beautiful fall colors.  What a relaxing experience. --Brooklyn Park, MN
Thank you.  It's just breathtaking. --author's location unknown
9/25/07 Cloudy fall day, temps ~55 degrees F.  Beautiful fall colors.  Winter is just around the corner. --Ladysmith, WI
  Gorgeous, late summer day! --Rice Lake, WI
9/8/07 Beautiful - thanks.  Had to show a friend from Indiana before leaving. --Ladysmith, WI
9/2/07 Thank you for the beautiful trail system. --Fox Lake, IL
9/1/07 Sven was hiking here. --Germany
8/31/07 Thanks to the Amazing Dozen - chainsaw crew worked the new trail, shed team sided the building.  Way to go!
8/21/07 Built a beautiful building for the groomers' snowcat. --Blue Hills Trail Association volunteers
8/15/07 The Bruce cross country team was here!!!! --Bruce, WI
8/12/07 Husband working up here, brought family to visit, love the trails.  6 month old baby talked practically the whole way.  Beautiful day! --South Beloit, IL
Went blackberry picking on the trails - what an experience.  Am pooped. --Cottage Grove, MN
8/7/07 Liked the cabin, loved to see the outhouses!! --Exeland, WI
8/5/07 Top notch facilities. --Big Bend, WI
7/28/07 Came here for the first time.  It's so beautiful out here.  This place reminds me of home in Alaska. --Alaska
7/19/07 Did a small hike up past this warming house.  Beautiful trail - yummy raspberries & lots of whining from our 2 1/2 year old twins because of the "prickly grass" --Stoughton, WI
7/15/07 Took a drive with our family, was a nice day.  Found some nice raspberries!!! --Birchwood, WI
7/14/07 Rode both sides - east & west - trails are good - dry - most cut - nice riding - in the 70s partly sunny - nice day - no one here.
--Ladysmith, WI
7/6/07 Great nature area to venture.  Awesome time! --author's location unknown
7/5/07 We found this place accidentally while biking thru the area.  We used the warming house as a cooling house out of the mosquito's reach while having lunch.  This truly is God's country!  Beautiful!  Thanks. --author's location unknown
6/29/07 Biked the WestSide 'til dark.  Thanks to the mower.  The new wood trail signs are very nice.  Nice night 70 degrees F no wind - good sunset full moon - perfect. --Ladysmith, WI
6/21/07 Camping out at Murphy Flowage - doing some geocaching too! --author's location unknown
My son & I, walking softly taking in the great north woods.  Thanx mother nature. --author's location unknown
6/19/07 Out and about today sightseeing with a friend.  This place & trails are awesome! --author's location unknown
Here to try the West Side trails.  Very windy today so we're hoping it'll keep those black flies at bay! --Madison, WI
6/9/07 Very difficult on mt. bike, lots of horseflies too, very beautiful trail.  Blue Hills is awesome. --Rice Lake, WI
5/14/07 Ran 1-23-32-24-3-2-31-22-1.  That section of trail should be tick free... based on the number I picked off.  It was a fun run nonetheless. --Bruce, WI
5/11/07 Gorgeous day for a hike. --Ladysmith, WI
5/2/07 Yeah!!!  Hiking season returns!  Biking too. --Rice Lake, WI
4/23/07 Passing by on my way back to work.  I love this building -- great ski trail system. --Duluth, MN
4/18/07 Ran outer loop.  Saw 2 porkies, 3 grouse, 1 deer and 3 bears.  Kind of wet on the back loop! --author's location unknown
3/24/07 Morning skiking, now time for afternoon biking -- what better way to wear out the kids? --Ladysmith, WI
3/22/07 Snow disappearing, too soft to skate, too sloppy to hike, perfect day to go for a skike! --Ladysmith, WI
3/20/07 Skiing better than expected - isn't it always?  Thanks. --Eau Claire, WI
Spring arrives, but winter's hangin' on.  Enjoyed a fairly fast glaze at 38 degrees F with the sun offering 2 more hours of skiing! --Ladysmith, WI
3/19/07 We skied 1-23-2-20-11-21-1 & it was beautiful.  We saw 4 nice deer between 1 & 23.  We walked the bare slope at 11-21.  Probably our last ski this season.  Thanks for turning this ski season into a great one! --Apple Valley, MN
3/18/07 Very pleasant ski - good snow - good company. --Ladysmith, WI
Fun skiing 1-2" powder on WestSide crust - ungroomed - but able to go anywhere! --Ladysmith, WI
Wonderful Sunday morning ski.  Enumerated the worlds' problems.  Great last ski of the season! --Ladysmith, WI
A great day of skiing! --Bruce, WI
Wonderful ski, beautiful day and great company - nothing better! --Rice Lake, WI
7 p.m.  Last ski?  Last but not least. --Hillsdale / Rice Lake, WI
3/17/07 Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Awesome ski today - Thanks. --Ladysmith, WI
Thanks for grooming, it was great. --author's location unknown
Core loop with a few St. Paddy's Day portages -- a great day to be a nordic o'skier. --author's location unknown
3/16/07 I skied a loop in 4" of fresh snow -- lots of work! --Minnetonka, MN
3/15/07 Trip down memory lane -- 7 to 30 the long way.  Crust skiing at its finest 4:30-6:15 p.m.  Eat your heart out! --Ladysmith, WI
3/13/07 60 degrees F & no snow in my front yard -- but 2-4" soft saturated base allowed waxless striding on a Spring-like evening.  Windless pastel sunset -- amazing! --Ladysmith, WI
3/11/07 I was first on the trail at 9:30 a.m.  Rocket fast -- great control (thanks to the groomer).  Had my fastest time ever up-over-down-up.  Trails started to soften at 10:30.  Great ski!! --Minnetonka, MN
Awesome ski.  Thanks to the groomer!  Caramel corn was great!  Thanks you guys!!  See you next week? --Rice Lake, WI
Fun day to be outside!  Wind in the treetops was giving a porkie a ride.  Nothing like spring skiing. --Ladysmith, WI
3/10/07 A bit crusty but BEAUTIFUL.  Loved it.  Must come back. --Brookfield, WI
Beautiful area, must come back. --Rockfish, IL
Saw some snow fleas. --Chippewa Falls, WI
This is better than watching Vikings!! --South Saint Paul, MN
Gorgeous March skiing this morning. --Ladysmith, WI
Beautiful sunny day!  Great skiing for March. --Eau Claire, WI
Thanks for the track & great skiing, AND the caramel corn. --Chetek, WI
Sunny, 46 degrees F at 5 p.m., 39 degrees at 6:30.  Skied 'til dark, where is everybody!  No hat, no gloves, short sleeves -- awesome sunset -- awesome trails -- could have skied in boxers or briefs?  Snow firmed up nice the later it got -- hail to the groomer. --Ladysmith, WI
3/9/07 Light rain at start -- trails a bit soft but in great shape. --Rice Lake, WI
Blue sky, sunshine, steady drip off eaves - 40 degrees.  Snow a bit soft, sorry about the ruts we left... waxless classic were perfect. --Stillwater, MN
3/8/07 Overcast, -2 degrees C, wonderful creamy fast surface (apple date bar) -- skiing was good, too! --Ladysmith, WI
3/7/07 20 degrees F, sunny, no wind, beautiful snow.  Great day.  Thank you for your hard work. --Rice Lake, WI
Memorable sunset ski -- blazing powder down the s-curve. --Ladysmith, WI
3/6/07 Classic skiing good despite a little snow during the ski -- however, all the snow in March is much welcome.  Skating was perfect this a.m. on a little freshly packed corduroy too.  Surprised to see a couple more skiers playing hooky on this beautiful Monday afternoon.  Thank you for a remarkable ski. --Eau Claire, WI
3/5/07 15 degrees F and bright March sun -- conditions like January in years past -- squeaky, firm & fast. --Ladysmith, WI
3/4/07 Beautiful sunny day.  Met lots of skiers on trails.  Thank you for grooming. --Bruce, WI
Yabadabadoo! --Ladysmith, WI
Thanks Carolyn for the excellent grooming!  And thanks to the popcorn lady :)  You guys rock! --author's location unknown
First time here -- great trails & awesome treats! --Cumberland, WI
Awesome snow & treats!  Thank you! --author's location unknown
The trail was beautiful!  Thank you. --Sarona, WI
This was our first time skiing in the Blue Hills -- gorgeous weather, beautiful trails!  Thanks to all who volunteer to keep this great thing going! --Rice Lake, WI
Good skiing lots of fun :) --author's location unknown
Much better firmer skiing here than at Timberland Hills yesterday. --author's location unknown
3/3/07 A beautiful day to ski, great snow, & groomers hard at work getting the trails in shape.  Thanks!  Hope to be back soon.  Thanks for the goodies! --Apple Valley, MN
26+ inches of snow 2/24 - 2/25 - 3/1 - 3/2 & able to enjoy fairly firm conditions for skating -- wow!  Nice to see so many happy faces in the warming house enjoying this late taste of winter. --Ladysmith, WI
2/28/07 Everything has firmed up - it was FANTASTIC! --Ladysmith, WI
Very glad I was able to enjoy the trails today.  They were great. --Holcombe, WI
2/27/07 Base is soft & squeaky, conditions pristine - great day to be on snow! --Chetek, WI
Best Blue Hills Ski this year. --Hillsdale & Rice Lake, WI
2/25/07 Great time today in the new snow.  Skied some in the fresh grooming, some in the deep. --Hugo, MN
WOO-HOOOO!  New snow!!  Nice job on the snow track.  First time on trails today & I loved 'em.  Will be back.  Thanks to all who maintain, etc. --Stillwater, MN
2/17/07 Good skiing for the amount of snow we have.  Birkie one week to go - pray for snow!  Hail to the groomer!  Thanks. --Ladysmith, WI
2/16/07 Fast.  First time skied here all "winter." --Hillsdale, WI
Used 1st class Atomics & enjoyed every minute. --Rice Lake, WI
Skated core loop with good skis - conditions acceptable to good. --Apple Valley, MN
2/15/07 Skied the EastSide.  Just around everywhere.  The wind is out of the south, very sunny.  No one else here but me. --Bruce, WI
15 degrees F, bright sunshine, squeaky fast hardpack on the WestSide - fun times! --Ladysmith, WI
2/11/07 We skated the road 1-33-21 & it was pretty good.  What a heat wave!  It's 12 degrees F with a slight breeze.  Now for a classic run.  Thanks for the grooming. --Apple Valley, MN
We're back -- it was 13 degrees F when we started -- that's 10 degrees more than yesterday!!!  Balmy conditions. --Chetek, WI
Skied WestSide, then came over to the EastSide.  Beautiful day to be in the woods.  Good grooming. --Bruce, WI
2/10/07 Core loop was great.  Cabin is warm.  Thanks. --Chetek, WI
Enjoyed the St. Moritz of Rusk County.  Thanks for the trails! --Bruce, WI
2/9/07 Classic skied 1 to 28 & back -- not bad.  Now to ski a few Ks on the WestSide. --Ladysmith, WI
2/3/07 Nice day!  Thanks for keeping the cabin warm. --author's location unknown
-5 degrees F, nice to experience some real winter days. --Sarona, WI
First time skiing Blue Hills.  Good time!! --Holcombe, WI
2/2/07 Heading over to the WestSide to try the lollipop loop.  0 degrees F & sunny. --Apple Valley, MN
1/20/07 Despite the limited snow, we had a great time skiing!  Thanks for the grooming. --Ladysmith, WI
1/19/07 Beautiful day!  Not a lot of snow - enough to have a wonderful time.  Feel so blessed to live close to such wonderful trails.  We both enjoyed the day very much.  We love the warming house.  Enjoyed our lunch here.  Thanks! --author's location unknown
1/16/07 First skiing here this season!  Just out & back on the freshly rolled gravel road. --Ladysmith, WI
1/6/07 No race, but great time was had by all - good food, nice hike & great conversations!  Thanks everyone! --Rice Lake, WI
1/1/07 Happy New Year!  Thank goodness we finally have at least a little bit of snow!  Though not enough for skiing, we all enjoyed a gorgeous hike and especially liked taking photos of the snow-laden branches.  Here's to a great New Year with more snow! --Missoula MT / Pullman, WA
12/28/06 1 1/2 to 2 inches of heavy snow at 30 degrees F.  A taste of winter at last!  Lovely day. --Ladysmith, WI
12/25/06 Beautiful cold Christmas day. --Colfax, WI
12/24/06 Just enough snow to give my rock skis a few more scratches. --Ladysmith, WI
12/17/06 We had a wonderful time hiking the trails with our grandchildren.  Thank you! --Westfield, WI
10/12/06 1st blustery snowfall of the season - 1/2-inch of styrofoam pellets. --Ladysmith, WI
10/5/06 Beautiful day for a hike.  Blue skies & sunny. --Holcombe, WI
10/1/06 What a nice getaway.  Beautiful trails! --Ladysmith, New Auburn, WI
9/26/06 Leaves are beautiful on the trails! --author's location unknown
9/6/06 Beautiful day.  Nice trails.  Excellent company.  Looking forward to skiing this winter. --Chetek, WI
9/2/06 Beautiful land & trails!  Relaxing & peaceful.  Good job!  Thanks. --author's location unknown
9/1/06 Thanks for all the effort.  Great trails. --author's location unknown
8/24/06 Great day to hike, 70 degrees & breezy, sun came out too!  Great trails, nice beaver ponds and "wow, holy mushrooms!" --Ripon, WI
8/23/06 Geo caching -- gorgeous trails! --author's location unknown
8/4/06 I wanna live here! --author's location unknown
7/27/06 Here today for a hike -- the trails are lovely -- love the warming house -- would love to build one like it!!  I know my donation is well spent!  Thanks for all you do. --author's location unknown
Nice place.  Love it up here. --Pepin, WI
3/28/06 White crystal beauty now drips from the eaves, collects in pools and tumbles over rocks in delight.  We enjoyed our last ski for the season.  A sincere thank you to all who make Blue Hills Trails a really great place to visit -- It's beginning to feel like a home away from home.  See you next season! --Baldwin, WI
3/27/06 Skiing -- not too bad for late March.  Time to golf. --Hillsdale, WI
3/26/06 A little ahead of the window, but good skiing none the less.  Thanks for a great season. --author's location unknown
Fini.  Congrats. --Rice Lake, WI
3/25/06 Hooray for the grooming! --Ladysmith, WI
"Hero skiing" at its best!  Thanks! --Ladysmith, WI
Merry XMas a little late.  Deal or no deal!!  Blue Hills skiing vs. Florida sunshine.  Awesome skiing!!  Thanks groomers. --Black River Falls, WI
Got here a little late, but we loved the skiing.  The outdoors is king.  Thanks. --author's location unknown
Thanks much for the trail conditions -- see you next year! --Eau Claire, WI
3/24/06 Fresh corduroy everywhere.  Thanks. --author's location unknown
Thank you, thank you, thank you for grooming 'the outback' --Ladysmith, WI
Thanks for grooming for us die hards.  Bonus skiing is a Gift from God, which should be enjoyed.  Best ski season in 10 years.  You have made this old man happy.  --Hillsdale, WI
3/22/06 There is still an amazing amount of snow. --Barron, WI
3/21/06 Window skiing 9:45 - 11:45.  Can't complain. --Ladysmith, WI
Lunch in cabin, then spring skiing -- hope to make it into April! --Barron, WI
3/20/06 1st day of Spring.  Had a nice day to ski.  Trails are great. --Holcombe, WI
Sunny day, but the snow is still fast 10:30 - 11:40 a.m. --Ladysmith, WI
3/19/06 We had a looong wonderful ski -- the best ski of the year!  Started at 9 & skied to 11:30 -- perfect conditions -- very fast -- excellent control -- good company.  Thank you. --Minnetonka, MN
The Best ski of the year!  Thanks. --Ladysmith, WI
How do you do all you do?  Great season. --Rice Lake, WI
Good trails... for mid March... Thanks. --author's location unknown
3/18/06 Wonderful day to be in the woods! --Eau Claire, WI
3/14/06 Winter wonderland today!  Lovely, deep snow! --Ladysmith, WI
3/12/06 We enjoyed a great ski --author's location unknown
3/11/06 It is overcast now, but beautiful... Thanks for the candy cane, left a charm (in exchange). --the four Bears (author's location unknown)
3/6/06 Our grandchildren learned a bit about back country skiing.  It was fun. --Apple Valley, MN
3/5/06 We skied while the snow was falling.  First time x-country skiing for our 2 grandkids.  It was great. --Apple Valley, MN
3/4/06 Yabadabadoo!  Great Spring skiing!  Is it Spring? --Ladysmith, WI
Thanks for the great grooming!!  Thanks for the treats!  Great to see your groomer enjoying the chance to ski. --author's location unknown
Nice area, great treats!!  From Russia with love. --author's location unknown
So this is snow... so this is skiing... so this is what it's like to wipe out! --- perspective from somebody born in Egypt. --author's location unknown
What a beautiful day. --La Crosse, WI
Most beautiful day of the season!  Trails were great!  Thanks much to the groomers!! --Chippewa Falls, WI
It was fun!  I had a great 7k ski. --Rice Lake, WI
3/3/06 Perfect!  Thanks RCTA. --Minneapolis, MN
3/2/06 New snow, we worked hard, but what a gorgeous day! --author's location unknown
Gorgeous, hi-fluoro, sunset ski! --Ladysmith, WI
3/1/06 We had a nice, warm March 1 ski.  It was 30+, & a little windy.  The snow was pretty good, wonderful morning! --Apple Valley, MN
First time back in the Blue Hills since the Birkie.  Wonderful to ski alone again. --Ladysmith, WI
2/28/06 One last February day of skiing -- Bode, eat my dust! --Ladysmith, WI
2/26/06 Great day to be skiing!  It's great to be back on our home trails. --Rice Lake, WI
2/25/06 Perfect day.  Sunny, blue skies & great grooming!  Thanks to all. --Ladysmith, WI
2/24/06 Very nice!  So much better than skiing in Illinois. --Illinois
Great time, nice trails, be back again. --Oak Creek, WI
2/23/06 20 F, sunny, 1/4-inch fresh snow, perfect.  Birkie 2 days away.  If you live anywhere near the Blue Hills -- you are a lucky person. --Ladysmith, WI
Perfect afternoon -- best ski all year! --Madison, WI
Perfect blue wax day!!!  Felt like 1 million $.  Great way to work out the kinks after 9-hour drive. --Northwest Indiana
2/22/06 Today was the first time I skied 32.  Wow is that beautiful!  I took the recipe for Blue Hills 3-Loop-Around Power Morsels.  Two great treats.  Thank you for all you do for the trail. --Birchwood, WI
2/20/06 What a beautiful day!  We enjoyed a couple of hours improving our skating technique.  We are improving, but not ready to race most of the skaters we see out here.  Thanks for the grooming & caramel corn. --Apple Valley, MN
2/19/06 Fantastic!  Beautiful blue skies, fast skis -- groomed core loop.  Can't beat that! --Ladysmith, WI
Thanks a ton you groomers, officers, et al -- this place is a gem. --Rice Lake, WI
The best. --Ladysmith, WI
3 Jerrys from Rice Lake out for a quick Birkie tune-up.  Great conditions. --Rice Lake, WI
2/18/06 Beautiful day but sooo cold.  Trails were really nice, thanks. --author's location unknown
0 F, wonderful ski today. --Ladysmith, WI
Terrain was beautiful!!  Thanks for a lovely warming hut, great folks around & a nice system! --author's location unknown
4:30 p.m. 5 F, skied 'til 7, red sunset, clear starry sky -- perfect.  Saw 13 deer, no wolves. --Ladysmith, WI
2/17/06 We had a nice ski in the sun.  It was around zero degrees F with a brisk wind, so we had to keep moving.  We are heading out for a classic run after lunch here in the warming house.  Thanks for the treats. --Apple Valley, MN
3 p.m.  Pretty blue skies with Mother Nature turning on the fans on high.  Peaceful out there.  This was our first time here.  Thanks for all your work in making this so awesome. --author's location unknown
2/16/06 Birkie 8 days away.  Good trails as always.  Thanks RCTA.  Treats in the cabin are super. --Ladysmith, WI
A bonus ski this morning -- caught the calm before the storm.  Fast & fun skiing on the core loop. --Bruce, WI
2/15/06 Great skiing today, although a bit chilly at the start.  Snow is getting faster as the day warms.  Thanks for the nice grooming job. --Chippewa Falls, WI
2/14/06 First time cross country skiing.  Great fun!  Nice warming house & snacks.  Pleasant surroundings. --Eau Claire, WI
2/12/06 Third straight day of great skiing. --Blue Island, IL
2/11/06 The best ever!  Thanks! --Ladysmith, WI
It just keeps getting better each day.  Thank you. --Blue Island Boys
Magical -- thanks for all of your hard work. --Altoona, WI
Nice conditions for a great trail. --Ann Arbor, MI
20 degrees F, no wind, Awesome, skied 'til dark. --author's location unknown
2/10/06 Great day to ski the Blue Hills.  Great snow!!!  Thank you to the groomer!!! --Blue Island, IL
Beautiful trails! --Chicago, IL
Ditto.  Thanks! --Plymouth
Great!  So beautiful with the new snow!  Thanks! --Ladysmith, WI
2/9/06 8:30 a.m. 1 F Partly sunny, hard & fast trails -- back loops super -- thanks groomer -- maybe 2" of snow on the way -- we are lucky -- Birkie fever! --Ladysmith, WI
Great place.  Great warming hut.  Very thoughtful people. --Rice Lake, WI
2/8/06 Back loops were superb! --Ladysmith, WI
Very peaceful out here.  Came out after work stayed to 5:20 p.m.  Beautiful sunset! --Bruce, WI
2/7/06 A hug for the groomer (thanks for your dedicated grooming). --Chetek, WI
This was the best ski ever!  Hurry (groomer) & get your skis!  Thanks for a great job. --Ladysmith, WI
2/5/06 Trails look good!! --BHS ski team
Beautiful day.  Great ski. --Wyoming, MN
Superbowl Sunday --- why be a spectator when you can ski like the wind!  Thanks. --Cameron, WI
"You got it!!  "I'll take kick wax any day" --author's location unknown
2/4/06 Great snow!!  Classic skied core loop early, a little cold but awesome grooming.  Skated core loop in reverse, that's fun, try it!!  No snow in Black River Falls, thank you Blue Hills. --Black River Falls, WI
What's all the soft white stuff on the ground?  It's no where near as fast as the stuff I'm used to. --Chippewa Falls, WI
Great skiing -- Great Grooming, good job!! --author's location unknown --author's location unknown
Thank you thank you thank you. --author's location unknown
2/3/06 Classic skied.  Good tracks except big hill icy & snowplowing tought. --Eau Claire, WI
Blue Hills Brownies.  Mmmm. --author's location unknown
2/2/06 8:30 a.m. 22 F partly sunny -- awesome -- fresh snow January 31 -- hail to the groomer! --Ladysmith, WI
Another beautiful winter day.  Sunshine & wonderful trails.  Thanks RCTA for keeping up the good work. --Bruce, WI
Happy GroundHog's Day!  Tried to catch it before it got too warm -- very slow but good training. --Ladysmith, WI
2/1/06 Got up at dawn this morn & make some coffee cake to go with the new snow. --author's location unknown
Looks like winter again!  Snow was a little wet & slow.  Still it's the best place to be.  We had a great ski. --Bruce, WI
1/31/06 Great trails.  Thanks to your groomer.  Best skiing of the year. --author's location unknown
Spectacular job on the trails!  Perfect day.  Brownies to top it off -- can't ask for more!  Thank you SO much !!! --author's location unknown
Great day on the trails.  Outside loop was nice & pristine. --author's location unknown
1/30/06 Trails were great. --Holcombe, WI
Nice grooming!  Nice to see snow again! --author's location unknown
Great job grooming. --author's location unknown
I could fill the rest of this log book waxing poetic about how great skiing was today!  Mother nature threw us a curve ball with high temps & rain over the past week, but our groomer hit it out of the ski park today!  The best ever! --Ladysmith, WI
Best conditions of the season.  Thanks for the diligent grooming. --Barron, WI/
Best conditions I've had this ski season.  Really good trail. --Bruce, WI
1/26/06 BBH -- Beautiful Blue Hills -- 8:30 a.m. 13 F.  Sunny -- sparkly snow -- trails packed, a little icy but awesome -- high today of 42 F yuck -- need more snow -- 1 month 'til Birkie! --Ladysmith, WI
Tried to appease the god of skiing (Ullr) by throwing some sticks.  33 F at 11:30. --Ladysmith, WI
Classic track still holding up.  Thanks for the treats. --author's location unknown
3 guys from Minnesota -- need help with fish boning!  Great day on the water! --author's location unknown
1/25/06 Another great day in the Alzheimer's abatement program. --author's location unknown
1/24/06 Great trails.  Almost died!  But it was great!! --author's location unknown
A great ski.  Trail today was fun, wind was strong!  Eau Claire, WI
1/23/06 Great ski -- trails wonderful! --Eau Claire, WI
Very nice skiing. --Chippewa Falls, WI
Great trails.  Thanks to all that groom! --Ladysmith, WI
Best ski ever!  Hated to stop.  Thanks groomers. --Ladysmith, WI
This is my son's 25th birthday.  Wishing he could be here to enjoy this. --Ladysmith, WI
Great!  Another refugee from Eau Claire. --Eau Claire, WI
1/22/06 Great grooming!!  It's always a treat to be the first on the smooth corduroy!!!  Thanks for the treats, too!! --Eau Claire, WI
Fantastic winter day.  Thanks to all the volunteers -- this is what we all wait for. --Rice Lake, WI
The snow was awesome!! --Rice Lake, WI
Our first time here (from Eau Claire where the snow is non-existent).  The trails were beautiful.  What a great warming house.  Thanks! --Eau Claire, WI
1/21/06 We skied the WestSide ungroomed loop (C-D-F-G-H-I).  It was beautiful backcountry skiing.  Lots of trees across the trail.  We then skated the groomed area which also was great. --Apple Valley, MN
Wonderful weather -- great trails.  Thanks. --Apple Valley, MN
Good day, good trails, good hosts. --Chippewa Falls, WI
I liked the hill on #11.  My mom fell three times. --Eau Claire, WI
Excellent skiing as always!  Great day for kicking both East & West. --Rice Lake, WI
1/20/06 First time this season & it was well worth the drive.  Trails are in really good shape.  Thanks! --Eau Claire, WI
Amazing snow!  Twin Cities has only ice. --author's location unknown
Creamy it is, eh?  Dancing on skis today. --Rice Lake, WI
1/19/06 Cloudy, 20 F, perfect weather, thanks for water & goodies. --Ladysmith, WI
We had a nice skating session, then did the race course on classics.  The snow was gently falling the whole time.  What an enjoyable time. --Apple Valley, MN
1/18/06 Wonderful track! --author's location unknown
1/17/06 Great job grooming!  Winter is back!  Fantastic skiing -- as always. --Barron, WI
1/16/06 Cloudy day but good skiing.  Many thanks to whoever cleared & groomed the back trails. --author's location unknown
1/15/06 Best X-C around -- great sun shine, and fantastic caramel corn -- thanks again Blue Hills. --author's location unknown
Skiing the back loops was a blast! --Ladysmith, WI
Skiing was really nice & fast!  Thanks for all your efforts! --author's location unknown
Best skiing this year! --Menomonie, WI
Thanks for the great skiing.  I brought my daughter out & she enjoyed the trail & the warming house.  P.S Thanks for the caramel corn. --author's location unknown
Thanks for the goodies! & beautiful trails! --author's location unknown
1/14/06 I love the NorthWoods. --author's location unknown
Thank you for great trails -- the 7 loop was fun. --Chippewa Falls, WI
Moonlight ski gathering -- great tales of the NorthWoods, wonderful food & conversation!  A couple daring skiers entered the dark woods about 9 p.m. (moon was hidden); thank you RCTA!! --Weyerhaeuser, WI
1/13/06 Skied the back loops.  Virgin trails soft, yet fast.  A nice contrast to the hard packed icier stretches of the core loop.  Enjoyed it all. --Hillsdale, WI
1/11/06 Another wonderful day of skiing!  Creamy texture, fast!  Shirtsleeve weather, like February. --Ladysmith, WI
1/10/06 Thanks!  What a beautiful spot -- everyone who lives here is so lucky to have a gem like this.  Great warming hut -- thanks for the snacks. --La Crosse, WI
Classic skiing was excellent -- tracks were great. --Barron, WI
Great classical skiing.  Thanks so much for all your efforts. --Eau Claire, WI
1/7/06 This is the best skiing I've done in 16 years.  I live in Indiana now!  ---Indiana
1/6/06 What a great day to be out & ski, had a wonderful time. --Holcombe, WI
Fast skating today with good edge control.  See you at the Blue Hills Ascent. --Hillsdale, WI
1/5/06 Wonderful!  Better than expected, due to great grooming effort. --Twin Cities, MN
1/4/06 What a great night to ski.  Very peaceful.  Enjoyed. --Holcombe, WI
1/2/06 First time out skate skiing for me.  It was a little rough first learning but I can see this is a sport that actually may make winter a lot more fun!  Loved it! --Rice Lake, WI
12/31/05 Wonderful skiing, and ...such a great grooming job.  Had a great ski! --Apple Valley, MN
Great skiing last night & this morning. --Cornell / Cameron, WI
Great job grooming!  I love the sound of silence in the tall trees. --author's location unknown
Nice to be back again!  Good job grooming.  Had a wonderful night ski with headlamp.  Hope we get a little more snow & cold to smooth things out, but wonderful none the less. --Chippewa Falls, WI
12/25/05 Celebrated Christmas out on the trails.  Love & joy & peace to all. --author's location unknown
Nice toilet poetry. --author's location unknown
12/23/05 Bah, humbug!  34 F, drizzle, light rain.  All I want from Santa is more snow.  Trails are sticky at best. -- Ladysmith
12/22/05 38 F, sunshine, only a few sticky areas -- good skating to celebrate the solstice. --Ladysmith
12/18/05 First time here -- new member. --Rice Lake
Ski conditions are better today.  Blue skies, lots of sunshine.  We will be back again to train for the Kortelopet. --Bruce
12/16/05 First time out, 22 F, back in the skis again, ya-hoo! --Ladysmith
Used my best skis.  Plenty of snow.  A bit soft but still the best ski of the season.  Thanks to all who make this beautiful getaway possible. --Rice Lake
11/18/05 Sticky, snowy day -- 5+ inches, first snowfall the past few days.  Winter wonderland again. --Ladysmith
9/3/05 Trails wonderful.  Wildflowers beautiful & plentiful.  Thank you so much.  Blue Hills are the best. --author's location unknown
8/20/05 Great place!  Blackberries were delicious! --author's location unknown
7/27/05 I'm up in the area for work but had some free time & decided to check out the trails on my bike.  Wow - the solitude & scenery are great.  I can't wait to come up here again with a friend & go further back in.  Thanks for providing such a great rec trail. --Lake Mills, WI
7/5/05 Very nice place.  Just stopped by to see. --Reedsburg, WI
6/5/05 Biking on trail, conditions for biking are great.  Lots of mosquitoes. --author's location unknown
5/31/05 Biking on the road, but the EastSide is too wet for biking.  Haven't tried the WestSide. --Ladysmith
4/9/05 Geocaching.  Winds picking up, nice sunny day, wood ticks are out, snow is gone! --Birchwood & Brill, WI
4/3/05 What a laugh-out-loud fun day on skis! --Ladysmith, WI
3/27/05 Happy Easter.  Had a great time! --author's location unknown
3/26/05 Great Easter weekend skiing -- what a fun way to welcome Spring! --Ladysmith, WI
3/25/05 9:45 a.m.  Sunny, 30 -- great Spring skiing! --author's location unknown
3/23/05 Thanks for the great season! --Ladysmith, WI
A perfect day -- a little soft but very skiable. --author's location unknown
Beautiful sunset ski with moonrise over my shoulder -- midday sticky yielded to sunset glaze. --Ladysmith, WI
3/21/05 5:15-6:15 p.m.  What a way to finish out the season.  Trail was firm 99.9% of the time. --author's location unknown
First day of Spring!  Unbelievable skiing. --Bruce, WI
Welcomed in the first day of Spring with a delightful ski. --Bruce, WI
So did we. --author's location unknown
3/20/05 7:30 a.m.  Trails were not icy at all.  Unbelievable for this time of year.  Thank you for the wonderful grooming. --Sarona, WI
3/19/05 Big storm was not that big, but fresh snow & grooming were nice.  The sun stayed hidden which kept things nice.  We will be back! --Stillwater, MN
Thanks for the excellent grooming! --New Richmond, WI
3/18/05 Wow!  A thousand roller coaster rides wouldn't begin to compare to today's exhilarating, effortless, skiing-on-feathers ski!  Ladysmith, WI
Too bad we missed out on the big storm.  With 12" more it would be good skiing on May Day.  As it is, it's great skiing now. --Barron, WI
3/17/05 Had a wonderful ski this morning on the 1 1/2 inches of fast, new powder we received yesterday.  Love that quiet air-cushioned ride! --Bruce, WI
Thanks for continuing to groom the trails.  Effortless skiing.  Will see you again after the 12 inches of new snow. --Rice Lake, WI
Wow!  What a magical sunset ski -- riding a fast, fresh cushion of snow. --Ladysmith, WI
3/15/05 Red sky at night, skiers delight! --Ladysmith, WI
3/13/05 A religious experience.  My best ski of the season.  What a joy to skate again -- sooo easy!  I was the first set of tracks on the new grooming.  Thanks for all your help this year keeping the classic track groomed.  I needed every kilometer of trainig to survive. --Minnetonka, MN
Unbelievable, awesome, fantastic.  The best skiing of the season.  It's a sad day 'cause I'm putting my skis away, but I am heading to sunny Florida.  I think the groomers deserve a vacation (how about a beer on the beach). --Black River Falls, WI
Fantastic!  Great grooming! --Rice Lake, WI
Couple from Twin Cities.  Absolutely beautiful forest, trails, day, weather and silence.  Appreciated the lack of snowmobiles. --Twin Cities, MN
Super!  This is what dreams are made of! --author's location unknown
Trail report card: A+++!  Beautiful trails, scenery & snow.  Thanks for hard work. --Bloomer, WI
Fantastic ski.  Sunny day, new snow, 25, perfect trail.  Could be my last ski of the year, but what a day to remember.  Thanks everyone. --Rice Lake, WI
3/12/05 Oh my gosh – I don't think I've seen the trail any prettier!  It almost brings tears to one's eyes – in fact, I was crying out loud coming down 13-12-11-21.  What a blast! --Ladysmith, WI
Cold this a.m.  Sooo very glad we stopped in the storm last night or we'd never come here, it was such a peaceful pleasure. --author's location unknown
Wow!  What a day!  Great grooming, great snow!! --author's location unknown
3/11/05 Late snowfall & snowshoes = JOY!  Do yourself a favor & check out the WestSide, it's all but unused today. --Turtle Lake, WI
Warmer than predicted 30
F.  Conditions went from snowing fat flakes to whiteout to glazing sunshine & back again, several times.  Thanks to the groomers. --Rice Lake, WI
March skiing – the joys of being a local – that's why we live here. --author's location unknown
3/9/05 Core loop freshly groomed.  Great skiing conditions.  Hats off to grooming crew, you guys are the best.  Glad I took the drive up from Eau Claire. --Eau Claire, WI
3/8/05 Cold & windy today, but sunny & beautiful if you keep moving (too windy to stop for long & admire the scenery).  Didn't do any skiing, just snowshoes & took some great photos & video.
Snowshoes = $150
Gas to get here = $20
Being able to snowshoe again after surgery = priceless
--Turtle Lake, WI
3/5/05 Remarkable! --Cameron, WI
We are coming back for sure! --author's location unknown
Awesome hills & awesome scenery! --author's location unknown
3/3/05 Great trails & facility!  Thanks. --Eleva, WI
Wondrous!  Absolutely fantastic! --Ladysmith, WI
Great trails, great grooming! --Eau Claire, WI
Thank you for all that maintain the trails! --Ladysmith, WI
How does it get better?  Thanks to all. --author's location unknown
3/2/05 Fabulous trails! --Eau Claire, WI
A wonderful sunny afternoon on spectacular trails.  Thanks again for the terrific grooming. --Ladysmith, WI
Trails are in top notch condition.  Thanks to all for your hard work & fantastic grooming. --Birchwood, WI
3/1/05 The trails just keep getting better as the winter progresses.  Another fantastic ski today. --Barron, WI
2/28/05 Nothing but praise & raves – great job. --Ladysmith
Awesome trails!!  First time we have ever been here.  We will be back. --Minneapolis, MN
2/27/05 Post Birkie bliss!!  New snow, great trails, and your cozy warming hut.  Gracias. --author's location unknown
2/25/05 Awesome trails first time I've been here!  Everyone who runs this trail system is doing a great job! --Chicago, IL
2/24/05 Beautiful trails – enjoyed  the light snowfall, the quiet, & the beauty of the forests. --Chippewa Falls, WI
2/23/05 10 a.m., 11F no wind, sunny , awesome.  Keep your eyes on the trail your hands upon your poles. --Whitewater, WI
Where is everybody?  Do people actually go to work on days like this?  Have a great Birkie y'all.  Thanks for the trail. --Cameron, WI
We skipped work to come today.  2½ hour drive each way is worth it!  Followed by pie at Norske Nook. --White Bear Lake & Mahtomedi, MN
Perfection!  & thanks for the snacks.  On to the Birkie. --Chicago, IL
2/22/05 9 a.m. 19F no wind – RCTA rocks!  I can ski for miles & miles & miles – oh yea!  Beautiful.  Thanks! --Whitewater, WI
2/21/05 Splendid!!  Virgin corduroy on fresh snow.  I think I have a new favorite ski trail. --Red Wing, MN
What a lovely afternoon for skiing.  Snow & trail conditions are wonderful.  I wish I had more energy to ski longer. --Ladysmith
Red sunset in your face – full moon at your back – perfectly groomed trails – Priceless!  5 days 'til the Birkie. --Whitewater, WI
2/20/05 2nd time out this winter.  Let's see how long before I cough up a lung. --author's location unknown
Great trails both yesterday & today. --Glenview, IL
2/19/05 Wonderful – great trails. --3 people from the Twin Cities
Snow!!!!  Great trail system. --Wyoming, MN & St. Paul
Thanks for grooming!  Beautiful trails. --author's location unknown
2/18/05 13 degrees F, beautiful as always, many thanks. --Illinois
12 degrees F at 3 p.m., just starting to snow.  Beautiful, it sure has set up well since Feb. 16. --Barron, WI
2/16/05 Great trails. --Chippewa Falls, WI
2/15/05 Nice trail. --Cambridge, WI
2/13/05 Never has a group done so much with so little for so many for so long.  Thank you. --Rice Lake, WI
2/12/05 Oooolalaaaa! --author's location unknown
Fast trail, beautiful day in the woods. --Rockford, IL
Priceless! --Eau Claire, WI
2/11/05 Trail groomers & mother nature get thumbs up! --author's location unknown
Beautiful day.  Thank you. --Prior Lake, MN
TGIF skiing the Blue Hills! --Ladysmith, WI
2/10/05 Fast, firm, flat & creamy.  Best conditions of the season. --Bruce, WI
2/8/05 Outstanding! --Barron, WI
Outathisworld fun! --Ladysmith, WI
2/7/05 Without question my best skiing of the year.  Freshly groomed fast & fun & I'm the only one here.  Great personal day for mental & physical health.  Bring on the 'Birkie.'  Thanks. --Black river falls, WI
2/6/05 Upper 30's snow holding.  A little tacky/packy but relatively firm & fast enough to be fun. --Bruce, WI
2/5/05 1st car in the lot this a.m.  16F at 7:30.  Hard pack fast skiing, loosened up around 11 for great edge control.  Great job all! --Black River Falls, WI
Gorgeous scenery on a sunny spring-like day! --St. Paul & Farmington, MN
2/4/05 10 - 11 a.m. – Magic!  Thought this weekend was going to be a bust.  Wrong. --Barron, WI
3:30 p.m.  Just wonderful, warm, & beautiful today.  A fine day to be on the trail. --Bayport, MN
2/3/05 I caught & skied the window 'til it closed!  Yeeeeeearrrrh! --Ladysmith
2/2/05 Awesome!  Solid & fast outer loop.  Thanks! --Rice Lake, WI
2/1/05 Great skiing with clouds protecting the trail -- fast, fun -- back loops in great shape.  Thanks to all who contribute! --Ladysmith
Thank you grooming team for opening up my favorite part of our system (7-30) --Ladysmith
1/31/05 Great -- as always! --Barron, WI
It was great!  Beautiful trails!!  Great place for my kids, 6 & 9, to begin!  Gorgeous, peaceful scenery.  Wonderful conditions.  Great place to make memories. --author's location unknown
Thanks for all your hard work & time expenditures.... so we can play in style in God's creation. --Cameron, WI
1/30/05 Great ski!  Thanks. --Ladysmith, WI
1/29/05 Whoowee!  I don't want to leave. --Ladysmith, WI
Awesome trails.  We had a great time & a good workout!  Saw some deer running along the way.  Thanks, my brother was the champ. --author's location unknown
Our first time here this season -- everything was in great condition.  Thanks. --Edina, MN
Appreciate the excellent grooming!  Thank you for the email trail conditions --  a source of ski fantasy for me given the frustrating snow conditions in the Cities.  --Today a fantasy come true! --Shoreview, MN
Fantastic trails -- groomed to perfection. --Bruce, WI
1/28/05 Thanks.  We are from Chicago & novices & had a great time. --Chicago, IL
1/26/05 Perfect day!  The trails are as good as they have ever been -- especially the classic track. --Ladysmith
Great fun!  Thanks. --author's location unknown
1/25/05 Perfect! --Ladysmith
1/24/05 You meet the nicest people on this trail! --St. Paul, MN
Great job getting the air out of the big snow.  Great skating today! --Ladysmith, WI
Best day of skiing this season! --West Bend, WI
1/23/05 Once again groomed to perfection! --Eau Claire, WI
1/21/05 Great snow -- excellent time! --Eau Claire, WI
Great trails -- we will be back! --Wausau & St. Paul
I salute Mitch Mode, for he best describes the beauty of these wondrous experiences on snow. --Milwaukee, WI
1/19/05 Fantastic classic conditions.  Thanks! --Eau Claire, WI
1/16/05 Cold, -3F.  Skated, actually kind of fast over the icy trail.  Fun! --Rice Lake, WI
The pleasurable skiing continues! --Rice Lake, WI
A great weekend of classic skiing! --Barron, WI
Had a great afternoon of skiing.  Nice day, trail was in good shape.  Thank you. --Rice Lake, WI
1/13/05 Fabulous!  Thanks to the groomers. --author's location unknown
Today was The best ever!  The ice sheathed tree tops were beautiful.  When the wind blew, the ice sprinkled the trail making it lightning fast!  Big thank you to our groomers! --Ladysmith, WI
1/11/05 Trail is awesome! --author's location unknown
Great job!  Fantastic skiing.  Well worth the 80-mile drive! --Osceola, WI
Thanks for a wonderful ski!  It can't get any better? --author's location unknown
What a day!  It was the best ever!  Ever! --Ladysmith, WI
The trails were excellent.  We had sooo much fun. --Eau Claire, WI
You are doing a great job at grooming the trails. --Rice Lake, WI
1/10/05 Fresh snow, bright sun.  Doesn't get any better. --Ladysmith, WI
Agreed! --Minneapolis, MN
I was here & you were not now you are here & I am not.  Have fun! --author's location unknown
1/9/05 Thank you to all the RCTA volunteers; especially those groomers who are so reliable with trail prep for all of us!  Thanks, thanks! --Weyerhaeuser, WI
Thank you so much!  This was the best skiing we've had all year.  Also -- I really appreciate the wonderful treats & extra things you do to make the experience awesome! --author's location unknown
Great trails & treats. --Chippewa Falls, WI
Great.  Thanks to RCTA for upkeeping this area & thanks for the treats. --author's location unknown
Great day on trail.  Thanks so much for your excellent grooming. --Rice Lake, WI
Thank you  Thank you  Thank you --author's location unknown
1/6/05 What a beautiful day.  I really like the new race course.  Much improved.  Also like your accurate online grooming reports. --author's location unknown
1/5/05 Thanks to the groomers!  Today was the best ever! --Ladysmith
1/4/05 Perfect spot for my first time cross-country skiing. --Paris, France
Enjoying X-Mas break from WAZZU with a fast ski. --Pullman, WA
1/3/05 Screaming (fun) downhills & fast uphills.  Skated in a.m., classic in p.m.  Toko violet klister (18 to -4) worked great for kick. --author's location unknown
Thanks for the great day! --Eau Claire
1/2/05 Great trails!  Thanks for making it happen. --Ladysmith
12/29/04 Perfect, a little light snow for 30 minutes or so in the hills -- most trails look freshly groomed again -- Awesome!  Thanks again RCTA! --Whitewater, WI
Beautiful place to start as a beginner. --Eau Claire, WI
As always freshly groomed & great snow conditions. --Alma Center, WI
Fabulous!  Thanks so much. --Maple Grove, MN
Outstanding.  Beautiful frosty trees.  Great grooming --Eau Claire, WI
Yes!  Finally some snow!  Incredible job grooming, outstanding trails... new signage makes for easy route finding through the silvery landscape.  Happy New Year... think snow! --Baraboo, WI
Amazing snow cover, given that out on Highway 8 there's no snow!  Great grooming job! --Brooklyn Center, MN
What a beautiful place.  So peaceful.  Grooming was great!  Nice to have skiable snow. --Plymouth, MN
12/28/04 Heard good reports on  They were right.  Great skiin, beautiful trails.  Thanks. --Eau Claire, WI
10 a.m. 17
partly sunny.  Why would anyone be on a beach when you could be here? --Whitewater, WI
Haven't been x-country skiing in 10 years.  It was just like riding a bike.  I loved the trails! --San Diego, CA
My 1st time out.  10 years alpine skiing, snowboarding, 20 years surfing -- all of which doesn't prepare you for x-country!  I loved it.  I had a great time.  I only fell down 8 times.  Wisconsin rocks! --San Diego, CA
Great to be on snow again. --Bloomington, MN
Trails are groomed perfect.  Always "very" fun to ski the Blue Hills. --Eau Claire, WI
Beautifully groomed as always!  Appreciate the snacks! --Eau Claire
Beautiful system! --Chicago, IL
12/27/04 Senior High ski team.  43 + 8 adults.  Awesome skiing! --Maple Grove, MN
1st time out -- awesome as always.  No snow at all at home.  Thanks to RCTA --Whitewater, WI
12/26/04 You have done outstanding work here & it is greatly appreciated.  Very fun day! --author's location unknown
Awesome! --Rice Lake, WI
Visiting from Colorado.  What a great place you have! --author's location unknown
12/25/04 Merry Christmas!  The new race course 'rocks'!  ⅓ up, ⅓ down, ⅓ flat!  Fun!  See you!  Keep up the great work! --Barron
12/24/04 Great ski for -10F!  Keep up the good work! --Barron, WI
12/23/04 Love the track on the road.  Love the caramel corn -- thank you! --Ladysmith
12/21/04 Great trails, 1st time here. --Chippewa Falls, WI
12/19/04 Thanks for the facilities, about 0 F at noon. --La Crosse, WI
12/18/04 Great work on the trails!  Awesome efforts. --Eau Claire, WI
Thanks for maintaining the trail, & we appreciate the website, too!  Several of us from Ride & Glide enjoyed the trail today! --St. Paul, MN
With no new snow & falling temps I thought conditions today wouldn't be as good as yesterday & in fact they were better thanks to shoveling snow & grooming. --Bruce, WI
12/15/04 Wow -- great job on the trails & grooming.  I'll be back! --Minnetonka, MN
What a cool warming hut.  Thanks for providing some H2O & chocolate so I could get a sugar kick to ski for hours!  Let it snow!  Let it snow!  Let it snow! --author's location unknown
12/8/04 Really fast, especially in the morning.  It's great to be back -- first time here this season. --Ladysmith
12/5/04 Saw some nasty divots on the downhills.  The snow warmed up just enough to enjoy my first real ski.  Thanks. --Chippewa Falls
12/3/04 Very nice!  Beautiful day.  Great skiing for what little snow you had.  I'm tiring of the 55 mile drive, but as usual, it's always worth it! --author's location unknown
Yee-hah!  Great day -- snow just starting to set up this afternoon.  Way to go, groomers!! --author's location unknown
11/1/04 We had a great walk on the great trails & beautiful time together. --Exeland, WI
10/27/04 It's a somber, gray day & the woods have a more quiet & subtle beauty.  Did some shovel work again.  The trails are shaping up for good ski season. --Bruce, WI
10/15/04 The trees are so beautiful & bright it looks as tho the sun is out even tho it isn't. --author's location unknown
It was fun & beautiful.  And very wet too, and cool.  What an awesome place.  --Saint Francis, MN
10/11/04 Beautiful autumn day.  70's still!  The clear blue sky & lots of colored leaves on trees!  Thank you! for all the hard work to keep up the trails!! --Cottage Grove, MN
10/8/04 Love the hills!  Beautiful! --Eau Claire
10/5/04 At last I visit the beautiful blue hills.  How I treasure & love this Wisconsin wildwoods.  Everywhere I look the maple glows red, yellow, and here... the blue hills. --author's location unknown
9/27/04 First time here -- not the last time!  We love it. --author's location unknown
9/26/04 Thank you 4 your beautiful trails, the trees are beginning to turn. --author's location unknown
9/22/04 Bruce cross-country team ran the trails!  We love your trails.  Thanks. --Bruce, WI
7/31/04 I love it out here, it's nice & quiet.  And it's a good place to get your mind off of work. --author's location unknown
6/3/04 Thanks for providing this for us all -- 40-year visitor to Weyerhaeuser. --Sharon, WI
5/29/04 What a beautiful area.  It's a blast to explore.  Can't wait to live around here. --Baraboo, WI
4/8/04 Good corn snow, here & there; otherwise, pretty bare. --Ladysmith
4/2/04 Me & my shadow skied all over the EastSide. --Ladysmith
3/28/04 Still lots of snow despite rains & warmup.  Well compacted trail, waxless striding OK. --Ladysmith
3/27/04 Skied 4K.  Too soft.  I love this place. --Menomonie, WI
3/22/04 This is a great place to ski.  This area is beautiful & your grooming outstanding.  The whole aura of this place is fun & inviting. --author's location unknown
Awesome place!  Keep up the great maintenance & grooming. --author's location unknown
3/21/04 Patent pending for Helx dispenser on back of Ginzu groomer.  Fine Helx mist on all trails made for the fastest skiing yet! --Ladysmith, WI
Fantastic!  Unspeakably great.  If I were a poet I might be just able to express how wonderful the skiing is.  Thank you groomers, you are the best! --Twin Cities
Best conditions of my life!  Wonderful blessed ski. --Twin Cities
Great time!  Beautiful trails.  I always like coming here.  Were a lot of people skiing today, which is great so late in the season!  'Til next year. --Shoreview, MN
3/20/04 Phenomenal skiing on the EastSide!  Thanks. --Ladysmith, WI
3/18/04 Thanks for the great grooming!  Fun ski. --Barron, WI
Thrilling sunset ski -- WOW! --Ladysmith, WI
3/17/04 WOW!  Hats off to the groomers!  Midweek in middle of March. --Hudson, WI
3/16/04 March 13 was great, today fabulous!  Firm trail & pole plants, blue sky, sun, perfect temp.  Thanks. --Rice Lake, WI
3/15/04 Fine late winter skiing 31 degrees F -- finest set tracks I've ever been in -- anywhere.  Thanks. --Bruce, WI
3/13/04 After early snow/ice... beautiful trails for skiing. --author's location unknown
3/12/04 Beautiful!  Still looks like mid-winter, but with wonderful signs of spring (wildlife, not snow melting!).  Thanks for the grooming.  This area's certainly been blessed with the snow this season, & you know what to do with it! --author's location unknown
Beautiful day, lottsa snow, good grooming; I resisted the Peeps. --Shoreview, MN
3/10/04 EastSide trails groomed pretty well for skating.  The weather was beautiful, & the skiing was fun -- as always. --Barron, WI
First time up here; from River Falls.  Beautiful area & trails... appreciate the updates on the web. --River Falls, WI
3/8/04 I just love it here.  Just what the doctor ordered. --author's location unknown
This is the first trail in three days of skiing that's been groomed for skating.  That includes the Birkie trail.  Way to go groomers! --author's location unknown
3/7/04 RCTA -- thank you for the great trail system.  Thank you too for the treats! --Minneapolis
It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings & baby, it ain't over yet!  What a fantastic grooming job!  Fast!  Beautiful -- words don't do it justice. --Ladysmith, WI
Thanks for grooming the trails!  It was fun! --Blaine, MN
3/6/04 Simply fantastic!!  The groomers were out working hard again, thanks for all your time & efforts on this marvelous trail system.  Great day. --Black River Falls, WI
3/4/04 I skied between 1 & 2 p.m.  There was plenty of snow everywhere, although it was rather slow.  Keep your stick on the ice & your boards on the snow!  It's not over yet. --author's location unknown
3/3/04 I hope it gets colder. --author's location unknown
3/2/04 I'm going into withdrawal.  Bring back winter! --Ladysmith, WI
2/29/04 Very scenic, 2nd day out.  Nice weather too. --Des Moines, IA
I've got blister on my klister!  Very enjoyable - wonderful! --Des Moines, IA
Great fun. --Rice Lake
2/28/04 Now I know how a hamster feels running, running, running on the wheel only to stop when he drops dead.  Today I caught the "window" & skied 'til I dropped!  Thank you groomers for giving us that wheel!  It was the best Spring skiing ever! --Ladysmith
Thank you groomers for making this great skiing possible!  You have done a wonderful job all season & we all appreciate it. --Chippewa Falls, WI
Here's to the best groomers in the world: Hip Hip Hooray!  Hip Hip Hooray! --Barron, WI
It was an awesome day for skiing. --author's location unknown
2/27/04 Sweeeet! --author's location unknown
What a swell setup!  Thank you "volunteers" for keeping the trails great. --Marshfield & Eau Claire, WI
2/25/04 Great snow, great grooming. --Bruce, WI
Zen teachings say: live in the present & use your Helx warm NOW! --author's location unknown
Thankya, thankya, thankya for the grooming, for all your work. --author's location unknown
2/21/04 Great time, moist snow -- yet sunny & beautiful.  Met wonderful people from Ladysmith.  Keep up the trails. --Milwaukee Nordic Ski Club
Beautiful day -- once we finally got here.  Sunny -- great grooming -- awesome. --St. Paul
2/16/04 First time here, not last though!  Fast track, screamin' hills, sweet treats, what else could a guy want? --Eau Claire, WI
2/15/04 Great snowshoeing. --Cameron, WI
Great trails, thank you. --Australia
Thanks for the excellent trails. --Eyota, MN
Our first time here, cold snow would have been much worse without the excellent grooming.  Loved the beautiful trails.  Thanks! --Roseville, MN
2/14/04 Great trails, great treats.  Thanks! --Eau Claire, WI
2/13/04 Trails are great!  My waxless skis really glide well at sunset on the hardpack. --author's location unknown
2/9/04 Lovely beyond words! --author's location unknown
I can relate to a little kid having to be dragged off the playground kicking & screaming.  It was so perfect today!  Like skiing on feathers. --author's location unknown
2/7/04 Our first time here -- great trails.  Thanks to all the volunteers. --author's location unknown
1/26/04 I was listening to a program on WPR about happiness & the psychologist gave the website as  I think he got it wrong.  It is -- or should be -- authentichappiness.bluehillstrail -- where any troubles seem to vaporize into thin air --author's location unknown
In the words of Howard Dean -- YEEEEAAAAAAHHHHH! --author's location unknown
1/25/04 I had a wonderful time skiing!  Thanks for the snow! --author's location unknown
1/24/04 Wonderful trails, had a GREAT time skiing. --Owatonna, MN
Hi.  I really enjoyed it here! --Czech Republic, Europe
What a wonderful day!  Trails were excellent & so well marked.  Excellent job.  Cheers to the volunteers & their great effort. --Woodbury, MN
S & S skiing, this trail is awesome.  Well groomed, pristine, & caramel corn!  Thanks volunteers.  Great trail! --author's location unknown
1/23/04 Worth the drive! --Guttenberg, IA
1/21/04 Great job grooming! --author's location unknown
Best skating this winter. --author's location unknown
1/19/04 It was about -4 when I started to ski & I wondered how wise this was.  It took about 1K to realize how great the skiing would be.  Excellent trails. --Menomonie, WI
1/18/04 You have snow!  And it rules!  Thank you groomers!  Wonderful. --Chippewa Falls, WI
Great place! --Owatonna, MN
It was fun.  Hope to come back again soon. --Eau Claire, WI
1/17/04 Best skiing in the world. --Bjorn Dahlie, Norway
My mom passed away 2 weeks ago today!  I think I was with her out there today.  It was truly heaven! --author's location unknown
1st time here -- thank you for such a nice trail system -- complete with snow! --Eau Claire
1/16/04 Thanks!  We had an incredible time. --author's location unknown
1/15/04 Wonderful trails & very well marked.  Thank you so much! --author's location unknown
1/9/04 Perfect mid-winter skiing!  The best conditions I've skied for the last 2 years.  Great grooming has changed the ice into a real treasure this time.  These trails are fantastic today! --Chippewa Falls
1/8/04 Oh...My...Gosh!  The trails were so fast!  You wanna know how fast?  They were so fast I had to snowplow on the uphills to keep from going airborne!  Big thank you to the groomers! --author's location unknown
Greased lightning at sunset! --Ladysmith
1/2/04 I'm so glad you've got snow!!  You groom these trails so wonderfully!!  Hats off to the groomers. --author's location unknown
Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you for the great job grooming :-)  Thank you also for the treats! --author's location unknown
12/31/03 1st time here!  Almost turned back because it looked like no snow -- pleasant surprise!  Great trails. --author's location unknown
12/30/03 Trails were freshly groomed after the warm weather & so the skiing was great.  Thanks so much. --Chetek, WI
The big hills on 33/34 were awesome, they were so, so big.  This skiing place is awesome. --author's location unknown
12/29/03 What?!  No caramel corn?  Oh well, the skiing was great anyway.  Team Chatterton comes through with the grooming. --author's location unknown
12/26/03 Awesome!  We'll be back next week for the race. --Riverbrook
Well done.  What a great place!  Great trails.  Thanks. --author's location unknown
Fantastic trails.  Freshly groomed.  Beautiful warm, sunny day with perfect snow!  What a day!  Thank you! --author's location unknown
This was great -- thanks!! --author's location unknown
The trails were marvelous & very well groomed.  Thanks so much. --author's location unknown
12/25/03 1st time out -- good to be back -- Awesome trails as usual -- thanks RCTA -- Merry Christmas to all & to all a good ski. --Whitewater, WI
12/22/03 Wonderful ski!  I'll be back! --author's location unknown
Love that texture!  The skating lane is too pretty to ski on!  Another great grooming job. --Bruce, WI
12/19/03 This is what the makers of Blue Extra had in mind! --author's location unknown
Great!  This was our 1st time x-country skiing.  We love it & are making it our new winter sport! --Rice Lake
12/17/03 Absolutely wonderful.  This is the best I've seen it in many years, perhaps ever.  Many thanks to the groomers & others who made it possible. --author's location unknown
12/16/03 What a rush to be the first one to ski on today's new snow!  Skis were fast, even with 2" of new snow.  --Rice Lake
12/14/03 Happy, happy skiing!  It's gorgeous out here!  Thanks for the great grooming!  We must have all been good this year -- Santa gave us an early present! --Ladysmith, WI
12/13/03 Super skiing, so nice to be out early!!  Hills are in great shape.  Thanks to whoever is responsible. --author's location unknown
10/9/03 Julia & Alexandra. --Germany
10/6/03 Great trail.  Lovely woods!  Thank you. --Hot Springs, Arkansas
9/15/03 Wonderful day for a ride.  The trails are marvelous. --Waukesha, WI
8/30/03 Great day for a bike ride.  Love the trails.  Thank you! --author's location unknown
7/24/03 Berry pick'n, some raspberries, few blackberries.  Lots of deer flies.  Great day -- great place. --author's location unknown
6/28/03 Beautiful place -- we really hope no one ruins this place. --author's location unknown
6/3/03 Lovely day & beautiful spot! --Victoria, Texas
5/21/03 A great spring day but quite cool at 9:15 a.m.  This is really a lovely spot -- congratulations to you all! --Pullman, WA
5/17/03 Happy Syttende Mai.  A beautiful cabin & trails! --author's location unknown
5/16/03 Wolves howling at night.  Nice cabin.  Like the skylights. --author's location unknown
5/1/03 Beautiful log cabin.  I want one like it in Colorado where we are from.  Thanks. --author's location unknown
4/23/03 Spring is sprung -- great day for a bike ride!  Thanks! --author's location unknown
4/16/03 My wonderful dog took his last walk here today.  Goodbye Dodge. --author's location unknown
4/12/03 Nice place.  Beautiful surroundings.  Thanks. --author's location unknown
3/22/03 Beautiful day.  Beautiful scenery.  I'll definitely be back! --author's location unknown
3/16/03 I don't want the snow to leave.  Need more winter & skiing.  It's always fun here.  Broke in my new skate ski boots & skis.  Also enjoy this nice cabin, it's great! --Chetek
3/14/03 A day too late for perfection, but well worth the trip.  The slow going gave me more time to enjoy these beautiful trails.  Still firm enough to ski on @ noon.  I just had to make it here at least once this year.  Glad I did! --author's location unknown
3/13/03 My first day skiing in the Blue Hills this year.  Conditions were worthy of the gods.  Best skiing of the season.  Farewell to hemlock canyon, cathedral chapel.  Got faster as temps dropped.  Thanks RCTA. --Rice Lake
3/11/03 Nice!  I hope the weatherman is wrong for the next few days!!  If this was destined to be my last ski of the year, it was definitely enjoyable -- ending on a high note. --Cumberland
3/10/03 1st time here.  Appreciate well-marked trails & grooming.  Beautiful day -- cold, slight breeze, blue sky.  Snow cold & slow but at least you have snow.  We have zilch in northern Minnesota.  Thanks! --author's location unknown
3/5/03 Beautiful sunny morning -- great skating & tracks. --Bruce, WI
Great job grooming! --Rice Lake
3/2/03 Lots of fun -- great trails -- a wilderness adventure. --author's location unknown
2/16/03 Great trails.  Grooming was great.  Will be back. --author's location unknown
Great skiing/perfect weather. --Eau Claire
2/15/03 I now own a pair of "rock skis" -- but then again, I needed some!  Thank you for keeping the trails open!! --author's location unknown
Great skiing!  And thanks for the caramel corn and candy.  We greatly enjoyed ourselves today.  Thanks to the groomers! --Chippewa Falls
Our first time -- thanks for taking care of such a nice trail system -- we're grateful not to be hearing snowmobile drones for a while. --Minneapolis
2/14/03 West Side is great!!  Try it, you'll love it.  Thanks! --author's location unknown
Best grooming of the year (Ever!)  Nice and level. --Mikana, WI
2/12/03 A fine winter afternoon in the woods. --New Brighton, MN
2/9/03 Wow!  What a day -- fast trails. --Twin Cities
2/8/03 Like skiing on feathers. --author's location unknown
I love cross country skiing, and this is a really good place! --author's location unknown
First time here -- it's a treasure! --author's location unknown
Thanks for the grooming.  Best skiing of the year! --Chippewa Falls
Great on the WestSide!  Reminds me of the huckleberries there this last summer! --Rice Lake
2/6/03 Great snow.  Thanks for the great job of grooming the trails. --author's location unknown
2/2/03 Audie -- fast -- almost too fast to keep up with our skis!  Fun! --Ladysmith
2/1/03 Fast skiing on Audie! --Chippewa Falls
1/26/03 Stopped to visit.  Saw on the Internet.  Loved it!  From the Cities, but have a cabin 20 miles away. --Twin Cities
1/2/03 Ride & Glide Ski Club -- used warming house for changing before going to Audie Flowage. --Twin Cities
1/1/03 Out for a hike -- what a gorgeous day for the New Year!  We do wish there was more snow for skiing... hopefully soon!  Can't complain too much about the weather though. --Ladysmith
12/14/02 Hiked the ski trail -- beautiful day... did some trail "improvement."  Diese gegend erinnert mich an den schwarz wald (The area reminds me of the Black Forest, Germany). --author's location unknown
12/8/02 Mountain biking in December.  Why not. --author's location unknown
11/19/02 Aired the dogs out.  Beautiful 50 degree day! --Ladysmith
11/15/02 We walked 4 miles with a little sun.  I walked 11/16 with 1" of powder & still snowing at 2:30 p.m.  See you in Jan. & Feb. --Watersmeet, MI
11/12/02 Absolutely an amazing day! --author's location unknown
10/24/02 Sun is shining.  Leaves are falling.  Just a touch of snow.  40° -- beautiful. --Hudson, WI
10/18/02 1st snowfall of the season!  1" wet snow -- counting on lots more! --author's location unknown
10/5/02 Beautiful fall colors!  You give such a warm welcome. --Minneapolis
9/28/02 Walked the rainy trails and encountered sodden hemlock stands, muddy slopes, idle logging equipment.  Had a fine hike and tip my hat to the stalwart breed that can ski these precipitous trails. --author's location unknown
9/21/02 Entertained by barred owl while performing trail work. --Ladysmith
9/14/02 Trails sloppy but still great area -- keep it going.  Met one ATV owner who wanted to run trails -- I stopped him & gave him a speech.  Also one grouse hunter -- otherwise great wilderness hike.  Coming again 10/18. --Watersmeet, MI
9/12/02 Stopped in to check out the place.  It's awesome. --Fairbanks, Alaska
9/10/02 First visit here.  Nice job!!  Plan to hike all the trails throughout this week. --Peoria, IL
9/9/02 Wow!  What a difference 5 years makes!  Nice building -- 76° last night at Remote 1 campsite on Perch. --St. Croix Falls, WI
9/3/02 --Mundelein, IL
9/1/02 Fabulous trails -- a little muddy, a few mosquitoes, but otherwise... Fabulous. --Ladysmith
8/26/02 Great cabin.  Nice spot. --author's location unknown
8/25/02 Maggie & Pat, showing off navigation skills again -- high 80's today, imagine! --author's location unknown
8/24/02 Visitors from Osceola, WI. --Osceola, WI
8/22/02 Awesome.  My 4 yr olds loved this place.  What a gift to all of us that enjoy the outdoors!!  Thanks. --author's location unknown
8/21/02 Wet day for biking, great place to get out of the weather. --author's location unknown
8/19/02 I'm glad I decided to buy a bike. --Rice Lake
8/13/02 Awesome biking on the WestSide.  Hot, Great Hills, Great Fun! --Ladysmith
8/5/02 Great day -- nice weather, but lotsa bugs.  Swampy trails made for tough hiking, but we had fun anyway. -- Indeed. --Ladysmith
7/24/02 Very, very nice spot!!  Great warming house & biffs.  Clean & well maintained.  We'll be back! --author's location unknown
6/16/02 Happy father's day to all dads.  Great place to stop and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us.  May we never be too busy to enjoy life! --Birchwood, WI
6/14/02 Pretty area!  Skeeters so bad our lab had to be sprayed.  And she actually put up with it.  Needed: a food supplement that when eaten is slowly exuded from the skin and protects you from mosquitoes. --author's location unknown
6/2/02 Nice day in the Blue Hills, of course they all are. --Chetek
5/17/02 We also encountered Mr. Porcupine.  Great evening walk! --author's location unknown
5/5/02 Close encounter of the porcupine kind. --Ladysmith
4/20/02 Great evening walk with nature. --author's location unknown
4/6/02 2 hr + wonderful spring ski.  See you next year.  Thanks! --author's location unknown
4/5/02 We skied the WestSide and it was perfect.  No tracks for stride, but we made our own with no problem.  33 degrees and sunny. --Apple Valley, MN
Bright - sunny day.  Summer on skis.  Not lightning fast, but relaxing in the sun. --Rice Lake
Melting snow slowed the flow,  but we got to ski once mo(re).  Face plant between 19 and 4. --Rice Lake
Lotsa wolves howlin' out here, just like Alaska! --author's location unknown
4/1/02 We are a couple of April Fools for skiing. --Chippewa Falls, WI
3/31/02 Easter -- still real good. --Bruce, WI
3/30/02 Nice Lodge.  Haven't been here for awhile.  Thanks for the water.  Gorgeous day.  Beautiful mix of blue + cumulus.  Rock hard crust on trail and off.  Greatly enjoyed wandering at high speed between trees and over beaver dams.  Long live March. --Twin Cities
Took off from letter F to flowage.  Birch forest spectacular.  Thanks for the great year. --Rice Lake, WI
3/28/02 Another beautiful, beautiful day!  Pretty slow & soft -- at times I felt like I was skiing on a feather bed -- but I'm definitely not complaining!  How could I when I'm skiing in a t-shirt & jeans & the sun is out?  'Tis heaven, this place. --Ladysmith, WI
3/27/02 One more one more one more time. --Ladysmith, WI
Unbelievable.  Ready to fertilize the lawn in Eau Claire, but up here it's like a mountain resort.  Yummy food.  Thanks for the groomin & trackin.  Great work! --Eau Claire, WI
3/25/02 John went down the icy hill; Mary came tumbling after. --author's location unknown
3/23/02 I have found winter!! --Winona, MN
3/21/02 Best skating we've had all year.  Dave's grooming made it like skiing on ball bearings.  Beautiful snow coming down now. --Bruce, WI
3/20/02 In like a lion, Out like a lion -- let's keep this winter party going!  Let's ski on Easter Day and be doubly blessed.  I'd sign my name but I'm supposed to be at work.  Thanks for the trails. --author's location unknown
3/18/02 What a treat to come home for Spring break and still have good snow!  It was warm, so the snow was a tad soft, but hey!  It was gorgeous!  Very sunny so freckles are having a heyday!  Thanks for keeping the trails in such great condition!  All of you at RCTA deserve a round of applause! --Ladysmith, WI
3/17/02 Best ski of the season for me. --Twin Cities
Skiing was great!  I loved it!  We had the best time ever! --author's location unknown
3/16/02 One more time! --Ladysmith, WI
3/10/02 It was great! --Ladysmith, WI
3/8/02 Very much worth the 2.5 hour drive!  Beautiful and fun to ski.  Thank you! --Maple Grove, MN
3/7/02 Oh man! Oh man o man o man!  The trail was so good and my skis so fast I never had to pole once.  In fact I had to snowplow on the uphills to keep from getting airborne at the tops.  This is what dreams are made of! --author's location unknown
3/5/02 Wonderful conditions - so much better than around the Twin Cities where there is only bad lake skiing. --author's location unknown
3/3/02 Beautiful SUN-DAY!!  Five of us from the Twin Cities coming up north to find SNOW and salvage a disappointing winter!  Great trails! --Minneapolis-St. Paul
Very good ski conditions.  Always enjoy these trails over many years.  Thanks to work put in to keep trails good and for the candy. --Ladysmith, WI
The classic tracks were outstanding.  These were definitely the best striding conditions all winter!! --Barron, WI
3/2/02 1st time here.  Well done, great conditions. --Deerfield, WI
Good skiing. --Madison, WI
Thanks for the great caramel corn.  We always try to get up for some of that!  Oh, the skiing was great, too!  Thanks for all of your hard work! --Eau Claire, WI
2/25/02 First time out with our girls, we had a great time.  Loved the trails and had a wonderful afternoon.  Thanks for the treats! --Chetek, WI
2/24/02 My first & ? only time out at Blue Hills this year.  Crust skiing today/fast some ruts but beats "glacier" skiing in the Twin Cities by a lot! --Twin Cities
2/23/02 Awesome trails!  We had a great afternoon skiing.  Thanks so much. --Minneapolis, MN
Thanks for the fun and treats. --Chetek, WI
2/22/02 Thanks --Minneapolis, MN
Great fun! --Madison, WI
2/21/02 The Birkie is on -- the snow is back -- This place is Awesome!  I took an RCTA membership -- I'm in! --Elkhorn, WI
Good luck to all you Birkie skiers! --Park Ridge, IL
2/20/02 Winter has returned!  Beautiful day to ski. --Barron, WI
2/17/02 Thanks -- made our snow chasing worthwhile.  On to the Birkie! --Twin Cities
2/16/02 Great WestSide skiing this morning.  Tracks were even set!  What a nice job of early grooming.  Thanks for the excellent work. --Apple Valley, MN
2/14/02 Skiing was better than we expected and much better than class. --Flambeau H.S. P.E. class
Happy Valentine's Day to the godmothers of the Blue Hills Trails.  Thanks for all you do --Exeland
2/10/02 Skied 2 hours.  Did not get that 6" last night.  Gorgeous day sunny & blue 32 degrees.  Awesome warming house.  Keep up the great work --author's location unknown
Tried to bike but still too much snow for that.  What's a person to do? --Rice Lake, WI
2/2/02 Yay!  6 more weeks of winter!! --author's location unknown
I've been here lots of times.  I skied!  I sledded.  It was fun!  The snow was awesome. --author's location unknown
Great trails & cabin!  What a wonderful place. --Minneapolis, MN
Great day! --Wayzata, MN
1/31/02 What a beautiful day!  Fresh snow & nice skiing.  Thanks for the chips & nice place to take a rest! --author's location unknown
1/21/02 It was a nice sunny day.  We need more snow, but the trails were still good.  Thanks for all of the effort. --author's location unknown
1/18/02 We appreciate your wonderful, well-kept warming house and pit stops.  The kleenex was needed, the chocolate good, and the flower a nice touch of elegance.  We'll be back. --South St. Paul
1/7/02 My first ski of the season -- very nice -- much better than I expected!  Tomorrow I'm doing the West Side. --Ladysmith
12/31/01 Enjoyed the skiing greatly!  First good ski of the year!!  Thanks for the good grooming job. --Chippewa Falls
12/30/01 Full moon, Jupiter, & the Northern Lights, & the whole fam damily.  Doesn't get much better than that! --Ladysmith
12/28/01 Need more snow, but we had a very enjoyable time.  We went to 3 to 24A and back.  Couldn't believe the number of downed trees.  Great job of clearing the trails.  Thanks to all. --Twin Cities
12/20/01 Great trails to hike, we know to come here when there's snow!  Beautiful warming hut & nice outhouse.  Thanks! --author's location unknown
12/2/01 Contingent from Eau Claire made the trip, eager to get on the snow.  Awesome!  But our rock skis earned a few more battle scars. --Eau Claire, WI
9/5/01 Thank goodness for people in the world who love & care enough about nature to help preserve it & yet share it with others.  This is our third time here starting four years ago.  We tent camped Audie Lake & spent hours canoeing, & hiking on islands enjoying the beautiful gifts it offers.  When not canoeing, we mountain bike on trails.  Hope to make it up during snow to ski sometime too.  Great new restrooms & warming house!! --Stone City, IA
8/18/01 Say yeah to biking, camping, hiking, swimming!!  Can't wait for the snow to descend so I can warm my toes after that most exhilarating sport of all, x-country skiing! --Plum City, WI
7/16/01 Beautiful cabin!  Real nice -- thanks. --Milwaukee, WI
5/19/01 It's pretty here! --Bighorn, WY
4/8/01 Good skiing on top -- maybe last ski of year. --Minnetonka, MN
4/6/01 My first time here, but not last.  Like very much.   Very interesting -- let alone beautiful -- scenery on the west side trails, but it was ALL great! --Green Bay, WI
4/1/01 It may rain in Bruce, but it snows in the Blue Hills.   Not icy, not even hardpack -- fast crystalline powder -- 1 inch.  No April Fool's joke! --Bruce, WI
3/24/01 Amazing! --Minnetonka, MN
3/18/01 We came back!  Next time we're bringing lots of friends!  Thanks for the beautiful grooming, trails, scenery, and hospitality! --Madison, WI
Best ski of the season - felt good - skiing fast - grooming perfect - excellent company, etc. --Minneapolis
3/17/01 Great skate grooming. --Madison, WI
Just when you think it can't get any better! --Ladysmith
Great day.  Trails were super! --Rice Lake, WI
Nice trails! --Madison
Great trails! --Baldwin, WI
3/11/01 Excellent conditions.  Great trail system.  Pretty trees.  Super quiet!! --Minneapolis
3/10/01 Simply beautiful. --Eau Claire
Fabulous March skiing.  Great job grooming! --author's location unknown
3/3/01 A great day to ski even if it was a bit soft in the sun.   We appreciate all the work that goes into this facility.  Thanks for the caramel corn! --Chippewa Falls/Eau Claire
Great skiing.  We love the warming house even though we didn't really need it today.   Have skied here 4 times this year and it's been great every time!  Thanks. --Eau Claire
3/2/01 It was a religious experience! --Fall Creek, WI
3/1/01 Beautiful trails.  I'll be back! --Minneapolis, MN
2/28/01 Worth the drive from Eau Claire.  Great grooming on the EastSide. --Eau Claire, WI
2/26/01 Haven't skied here for 5-6 years.  Just like I remembered - Great.  As a forester it is good to see the cooperation between the association, loggers, & Rusk County. --Tomahawk, WI
2/25/01 To trail groomer - We got here before you did today but when we got to where you groomed it was the best ski ever seen. --author's location unknown
2/24/01 3" snow last night!  It was a little slow going - but we enjoyed being out where it was ever so quiet!  Thanks for the great warming house!!!  Keep up the good work. --Jim Falls, WI
2/23/01 Beautiful; full, blue sky with trails not touched yet today!   Quiet, ever so quiet! --Red Wing, MN
2/22/01 Light snow.  2 inches of fluff on the trails.  It doesn't get any better! Ready for the Birk. --Elkhorn, WI
2/21/01 On trails til the sun went down.  What a sunset.   What a place!  Thanks RCTA. --Elkhorn, WI
2/19/01 First time here - my new favorite place to ski! --Elk Mound
Lots of fun.  Downhills were lots of fun.  We were warming up for Thursday's Barnebirkie! --Rice Lake, WI & Birchwood, WI
2/18/01 Awesome! --Eau Claire, WI
Great trail system.  I tip my hat to whoever laid it out. --Menomonie, WI
Had a great time today.  Will be back. --author's location unknown
2/17/01 Beautiful trail and warming house. --Eau Claire, WI
Great trails! --Chippewa Falls, WI
Nicely set tracks, nice layout. --Eau Claire
Nice tracks, beautiful day. --Barron, WI
Great trails!! --Melrose, WI
Thanks --Cameron, WI
2/16/01 I'm so impressed! --Rice Lake, WI
2/13/01 We love this trail. --Lakeville, MN
Great trail! --Woodbury, MN
2/11/01 Beautiful day, beautiful trail, beautiful people.  --author's location unknown
2/10/01 The climb felt like Kilamanjaro.  But the down slide made it worth it - someone's really making this a snowy garden spot.  Thank you so much. --Kickapoo Valley, WI
2/9/01 Crummy snow!  Lousy grooming!  Poorly marked trails!  Bad weather!  Just kidding!  It was perfect! --author's location unknown
2/5/01 Great organization great trails. --Racine, WI
2/4/01 Wow!  We haven't been here since the warming house was built.  It's great!  & I love the extras - like the dressing room.  Trails were wonderful and this was another day of winter wonderland with all the snow covered trees.  Thanks to RCTA for all your work.  What you've managed to accomplish is an inspiration to those of us who would love a good trail (bike, ski) system in our counties. --New Richmond, WI
2/3/01 Two days in a row, fantastic ski trails - I'll be back!! --Black River Falls, WI
I think I saw paradise today!  Absolutely beautiful up on top! --Ladysmith
2/1/01 Cold but so beautiful up on the trail.  Really a winter wonderland. --Ladysmith
1/31/01 Why wasn't I here sooner????!!!!  Thanks!! --author's location unknown
Awesome area!  NICE warming house. --Cameron
1/28/01 Beautiful.  Thanks. --Eau Claire
1/27/01 The trails were wonderful!  The warming house is a great idea! --St. Paul
Thanks. --Cameron
WOW! --author's location unknown
Thanks for the great trail! --Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls
Great Fun!  Thanks to the people involved! --La Crosse, WI
Fantastic day. --Eau Claire
1/26/01 Great trail!  Thx! --author's location unknown
1/24/01 OH MY - this is so great! --Spooner
1/23/01 The skiing was so good again!  I love it here!   Thanks for all the hard work. --Ladysmith
Thanks! --Cameron
Wonderful skiing. --Eau Claire
1/21/01 Took another loop, it was great! --author's location unknown
1/20/01 Hello. --Minneapolis
1/19/01 Great tracks, what fun! --Bruce
1/18/01 Absolutely wonderful trails!  Thanks! --author's location unknown
1/14/01 Great ski --Barron, Weyerhaueser
1/13/01 Wonderful!!! --Madison
Our scouts have all enjoyed it. --Wenona, Illinois
Great trails! --Eau Claire
Great trails, great fun, great weather, great friends. --Stillwater, MN; Lake Elmo, MN
1/11/01 It's a long way for us to come, but always worth it.  One of the favorites. --University of Minnesota Nordic Ski Club
(no comment) --Czech Republic
1/10/01 Thanks --Cameron
1/9/01 1st time out here, had a great time.  Beautiful trails. --Rice Lake
1/8/01 Wonderful - I will be back for more! --St. Paul
1/6/01 Well worth the drive.  (Nicest outdoor biffs in N. America) --Stillwater
Fun trails - what a great place to ski and enjoy.  Nice cabin - does it get any better?  I don't think so!!! --Eau Claire
My new favorite (or one of) place to ski.  Excellent job of grooming - trails are very well laid out - thanks! --Hudson, WI
1/5/01 Can't wait to come back! --Marine on St. Croix
1/3/01 Trails were great! --Ladysmith
1/1/01 Great day to bring in the New Year.  Ahh Outdoors! --author's location unknown
12/31/00 Had a great run and plan on a return visit soon!  Thanks for the beautiful trails! --Minneapolis
RCTA members rule!!  Thanks for the GREAT skiing!  You sure do a wonderful job keeping the trails in good condition! --author's location unknown
12/30/00 We really enjoyed the trails and the great grooming!   Hope to return soon. --Chicago
Another great day, loved the west trails, Great!  Had a lot of fun, OK temps.   Awesome! --Madison
Thanks for all the grooming, snacks, shelter and gorgeous trails.  We all loved it.   Great website, too! --Madison
Ditto. --Duluth
We skied the west side.  We were the first ones in the tracks this morning and it was beautiful.  Thanks again for the goodies and happy New Year. --Apple Valley, MN
12/29/00 Super dooper! --author's location unknown
They were very beautiful and I'd be happy to come back and ski again! --author's location unknown
Great, I'm still smiling, fantastic trails, nice ski, and I'll come back again (I hope!) --Madison high school ski team
I thought the trails were great and hope to come back again. --author's location unknown
I thought it was great.  Keep smiling readers - hope you had a great ski! --author's location unknown
12/28/00 It was a beautiful run this morning. --Apple Valley, MN
12/24/00 Cold Xmas eve day.  Can't think of many better ways to spend the day.  Now time to go & eat back all the calories burned. --author's location unknown
Celebrating with in-laws in Barron.  Thanks for a beautiful warming house.  The trails are excellent.  Took about a mile loop. --Minneapolis
12/23/00 1st time here!  Trails were beautiful & well-marked.   --Ladysmith
12/22/00 Great way to spend our holiday!  Awesome!   --Australia

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