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Blue Hills Trail Avenza Maps Phone App

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To help you find your way around the Blue Hills Trail, we have created georeferenced maps of the Blue Hills Trail that are FREE and available to use through the Avenza Maps app on your smart phones. This technology utilizes satellite GPS signals to display your real-time location within the trail system. If you consider yourself somewhat directionally challenged while navigating the great outdoors - or you just enjoy the latest technology - give it a try on our trail system.

"Avenza Maps is a powerful offline map viewer with a connected in-app Map Store to find, purchase and download professionally created maps for a wide variety of uses including hiking, cycling, camping, outdoor recreation, and adventure traveling. Free for recreational use, just pay for maps or download free ones."

NOTE: while using Avenza Maps on your phone, location services will be active and using significant battery power to track you. To help preserve your battery power, turn on airplane mode and close the Avenza Maps app when not using it. Remember to download the app and map before leaving cell reception!

To begin using Avenza Maps and to use the two Blue Hills Trail maps:

  1. On your phone, install the Avenza Maps app
  2. Click for the East Side map
  3. Click for the West Side map
  4. Tap the 'GET THIS MAP' button, then tap the 'FREE' button, then tap DOWNLOAD
  5. Tap the 'OPEN MAP' button to view the map. Your real-time location will be shown as a blue dot - even with NO cell signal!
  6. Have fun!

You can find your downloaded maps by tapping on the 'My Maps' icon. You can also track yourself with the Avenza Maps App, which is especially useful if you're new to the trail system.

Please email with questions or feedback.