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Meeting Minutes

Blue Hills Trail Association Inc.

February 5, 2014 7:00 PM

Meeting called to order

by Dave Olsen, president, at 6:00 p.m. at Burdy's Bar and Grill (Weyerhaeuser, WI)




Officers: Ron Jasperson, Dave Olsen, Tom Paulsen

Members: Nels Curnow, Steve Gest, Patty McGown, Jonathan Stanley

Non-members: Dan Bartels, Charlotte Bartels




Review options for replacement of our aging 2008 workhorse snowmobile (Skidoo Skandic SWT)


New Business:


Our 2008 Skandic SWT snowmobile is approaching the end of its usefulness for our trail system.  Historically, our organization replaces our snowmobiles after about 8000 km of use.  They offer good resale value at that point.  Our 2008 Skandic SWT has about 6600 km at this time, and will probably add another 1000 km before the end of the season (late March).  This same machine recently underwent a costly replacement of its charging system - replacement of the stator and voltage regulator cost close to $1200.  This machine is running well, and should be worth up to $6200 at resale.


Prior to this meeting, the officers, numerous club members, and groomers have researched various options for new machines to pull our grooming implements.  Tom Paulsen distributed a document summarizing the information available at the time of this meeting.


These were the meeting's major opening assumptions:

  • If we purchase a Gator (tracked UTV), we probably still need two snowmobiles for low snow conditions.
  • Our cash reserves are totally committed to snowmobile replacement, nothing extra is available for purchase of a Gator at this time.
  • A Gator + additional storage would require $30,000 fundraising.


Discussion of various options was held, including:

  • John Deere Gator has become a reliable, popular tool for many cross country ski trails (ABR, Hickory Ridge, etc).  Obviously, it would also be useful for summer and fall trail maintenance.  Its negatives include cost, a small gas tank, and the need for additional secure storage.
  • The new model Skandic SWT snowmobiles are being produced with a significantly smaller engine.  This smaller engine may prove inadequate for our needs.
  • The Arctic Cat Bearcat Groomer's Special snowmobile is the choice of ABR ski area in Ironwood, MI.  It's more powerful than our current snowmobiles, and comes fully equipped for grooming.  Even though its list price is $2000 more than the Skandic SWT, its purchase price includes many items that are necessary add-ons to the Skandic.
  • If we are able to purchase a Gator in the future, extra storage in the form of a shipping container is an attractive option.  The price of a shipping container seems reasonable, and construction hassles wouldn't be an issue.  Site preparation could take place in the summer, and the shipping container could be delivered and set in place in November when the ground is frozen.
  • Current financials were reviewed.  Fundraising options were discussed, noting that the possibility of receiving significant money from grants is quite limited.




We have the money on hand to replace our 2008 snowmobile.  Tom Paulsen will contact the Arctic Cat dealership in Trego, WI to determine availability and to negotiate price of a new model Arctic Cat Bearcat Groomer's Special snowmobile.  Once we have this new snowmobile on hand, we will sell our 2008 Skandic SWT snowmobile.  We also anticipate selling our 2012 Skandic SWT snowmobile after completion of the 2014-15 grooming season.

Some time in the near future (perhaps early March), Tom Paulsen will contact our membership to request feedback regarding their willingness to financially support the future purchase of a tracked UTV (i.e., John Deere Gator) for year-round use on our trail system.  As part of a one time fundraising effort, Tom Paulsen estimates the ability to raise $5,000 from various supportive businesses - our organization would need to receive pledges amounting to $25,000 before we could purchase a Gator.

Meeting Adjourned


Motion to adjourn by Nels Curnow, second by Tom Paulsen.  Adjourned at 7:15 p.m.




Taken by Tom Paulsen, Secretary