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Meeting Minutes

Rusk County Trail Association

June 9, 2003 8:00 PM

Meeting called to order

by Dave Olsen, president, at 7 p.m. at the Warming Hut




Officers: Carolyn Chatterton, Frank Lowry, Dave Olsen, Jan Paulsen.

Members: Steve Brockman, Howard Chatterton, Wendy Zabst.

Non-members: none.




Motion by Olsen, second by Chatterton, to dispense with reading of the prior minutes.  Unanimously carried.


Treasurer's Report


Presented by Carolyn Chatterton.  Discussion held.  Steve Brockman questioned if there might be a way to pay a one-time license fee for grooming equipment.  Dave Olsen will check into this.  Motion by Frank Lowry, seconded by Steve Brockman, to approve the Treasurer's report as presented.  Unanimously carried.



  • Old Business
  • New Business
  • Designate committee members for the upcoming year
  • Election of officers


Old Business:


501C3 status discussed.  Howard Chatterton suggested hiring someone to get this done.  Frank Lowry said he would meet with Chris Buslee and get it taken care of.


Blue Hills Ascent race report was supplied by Tom Paulsen in a written form, and this was reviewed.  Since there was essentially no snow on the ski trails (or anywhere else in the upper midwest), we decided to hold the race on nearby Audie Lake. There was a collection of wind blown snow around the edges of Audie Lake -- and Frank Lowry used his snowblower to move the snow into a ribbon of snow around the perimeter of the lake (6 km perimeter of Frank Lowry snow!). Skiers came from long distances to enjoy the available race conditions. We had 195 skiers participate. Unfortunately, the official timing was mishandled; we offered refunds which were mostly declined. Participants were just happy to be able to ski on snow; and enjoy the beauty of Audie Lake.  Discussion held about pre-registration and wave seeding.  Olsen suggested that teams be required to pre-register.  Olsen suggested that there be two registrations – team and individual.  Chip timing was suggested.


New Business:


Other fundraising ideas:  Olsen said that food stands at summer events are more work than the RCTA banquet.


Banquet: Howard Chatterton suggested a fish bowl 50/50 raffle for the banquet and silent auctions would work well for the banquet.  Steve Brockman will check into the possibility of renting the VFW hall in Weyerhaeuser for the banquet.


Mowing and Trail Maintenance: Steve Brockman suggested that we look into buying or renting equipment to mow.  Acre Ease is a $2,000 22-hp mower that hooks on a 4-wheeler and has four blades.  Olsen asked Brockman to check into rental of mowing equipment.  Lowry will head up bridge repair.


Insurance: Coverage for equipment and liability totals approximately $800.


Warming house: No need to seal at this time.  Olsen will take care of soffit repair, and also will look into fixing the furnace.


Work Day: September 27.


Membership Dues: To remain at $40 for family and $20 for individuals.


Grooming equipment: Discussion was held regarding purchase of a Ginzu Groomer.  Brockman moved, Lowry seconded, that the club buy a Ginzu Groomer.  Motion passed unanimously.


Committee Designations

To be carried over with additions as highlighted in bold

  • Banquet Committee: Howard Chatterton, Frank Lowry, Jan Paulsen (chair)
  • Blue Hills Ascent Committee: Speaking on behalf of Tom Paulsen, Jan Paulsen reported that Tom would prefer some other individual take charge of the race this year.  No one was appointed race director.
  • Equipment Committee
  • Grooming and Trail Maintenance Committee: Steve Brockman, Carolyn Chatterton, Frank Lowry
  • Website: Tom Paulsen


Election of Officers


Zabst nominated Dave Olsen for president, Chris Buslee for vice president, Jan Paulsen for secretary, and Carolyn Chatterton for treasurer.  Seconded by Steve Brockman.  Unanimously carried.

Meeting Adjourned


Motion to adjourn by Howard Chatterton, second by Brockman.  Unanimously carried.  Adjourned at 8:25 p.m.




Taken by Jan Paulsen, Secretary


A Listing of Active Committees

  • Banquet Committee
  • Blue Hills Ascent Committee
  • Equipment Committee
  • Grooming and Trail Maintenance Committee
  • Website Committee